Midnight (July 2001)

Midnight Remains Mysterious

He has always boasted one of the most beautiful voices in all of metal and I know that there are still a lot of metal-kids who are simply dying to listen to him on a new record as soon as possible. He is Midnight, the glorious first vocalist of Crimson Glory. I was finally able to catch him for a friendly talk a few days ago, so let's see what he had to say about his future...

Igor Italiani: Hi Midnight! Well the first thing I would like to know is this: A lot of time has passed from the last CD you recorded with Crimson Glory. Can you give me a short summary of what you've been doing since that period and what's your point of view regarding the actual music scene?

Midnight: Hi Igor! Well, talking about the actual music scene, I don't listen to anything on the radio or anything "in," so I guess that's why I am able to stay true to myself. As far as what I have been doing in recent times, I have, like most people, faced many demons and lived to not tell about them.

II: Midnight, do you think that metal can strike back to the audience in a big way? Maybe the Internet can have a key impact on this?

M: I think the scene is probably coming back a bit but in a much different way than the 80s, the Internet is a powerful tool, as I am finding out, and shows that most artists don't really need record companies or management like they used to.

II: What's your opinion on things such as Napster? For example Metallica have clearly gone against such technology, but also minor bands like Flotsam and Jetsam are not so pleased to have their works out on the web even before they're published!

M: I believe all artists should be paid for their work, but I can also see how it would help the upcoming bands, too ... Internet (and Napster) are a double edged sword.

II: OK. Return to your music. Here in Italy there are rumours regarding a cooperation of yours with Luca Turilli, the guitarist of Rhapsody. Is there some truth to those voices? Do you have other projects up in your sleeves to unleash?

M: I did meet with Luca and we got along great, we talked about doing a project, likely titled "Midnight Rhapsody." Unfortunately things got slowed down by contract talks and who knows if it will ever happen.

II: 'Scuse me, but I've always been amazed by your beautiful and powerful voice. Can you tell me what are the secrets to have and, more importantly, to maintain a voice such as yours?

M: Thank you for your compliments! I really have no secrets to tell but the proper training and knowing how to properly use my instrument, to be me and not to copy others.

II: What's the complete story under the use of the Midnight nickname? Can you share it with us?

M: Well, it's a long cool story ... maybe another time! All I can say is I that was given the name long before joining Crimson Glory and that it is my legal name.

II: Considering your brilliant performances of the past, how many offers did you receive when you left Crimson Glory? For example, have Iron Maiden contacted you when Bruce Dickinson left them, back in the nineties?

M: Offers yes, but nothing I wish to talk about. It's all in the past.

II: I know this will sound all too familiar, and you'll probably start to hate me for this question, but do you envision a possible Crimson Glory reunion in 2001 or 2002?

M: No I don't think it will happen, not at all. I have my own thing going and I am eager to show the world my musical soul.

II: What are your musical tastes in 2001? Do you still enjoy listening to metal, or you prefer something else?

M: I don't listen to anything popular or the radio for ideas on the "latest thing" like everyone else seems to do. I listen to older stuff, everything from Mozart to metal.

II: OK. I think that's enough. Is there something else you want to say to all the fans of Midnight out there (and I guarantee you there are still a lot)?

M: I would just like to thank each and every one of my fans out there who has stood by me and kept the flame alive, I am truly blessed to have you all. I promise a glorious return in the near future so please keep checking my website (www.midnightsattic.com) for all the latest OFFICIAL news! [4/23/03: no longer active]

II: Thank you so much for your time Midnight. I hope to see you live one day here in Italy. Until then a big hello and keep up the great work!

M: Thank you Igor, stay in touch...

[Update 3/9/08: Midnight did return to Crimson Glory for a short period of time in 2005/6, and had left again by 2007. {and in July 2009, he passed away} -ed.]

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Added: July 11th 2001
Interviewer: Igor Italiani

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