Flinck, Niclas and Carl Westholm (Carptree) (October 2005)

The Men Behind The Machine

Carptree (© Carptree)Two is more than enough for Swedish upcoming act Carptree, the new acquisition of the Inside Out roster. But make no mistake, the Scandinavian duo of Niclas Flinck and Carl Westholm is no neophyte to the prog scene. Check it out with us.

Igor Italiani: Hello Niclas and Carl. How are you doin'? You know, Man Made Machine is your third opus, so is it like the old adage "the third time is a charm" or not?

Niclas Flinck: Hello Igor! Well, we can say that Man Made Machine has been very well accepted by many listeners and it certainly feels great!

Carl Westholm: Hello Igor! I'm doing fine thanks. Well it might be like you say, but what about the fourth and fifth then?

II: However this is the first time you've released a record with Inside Out. Are you happy to be part of what is probably the best independent prog record company nowadays?

NF: I must say that they have been wonderful to work with, professional, efficient and always with exemplary manners, that goes for everyone we are in contact with! So far so good!

CW: I agree. Of course, this is a "win win situation" for us, we cannot actually loose on this deal. I'm also glad to deal with people who really like this kind of music (one of the reasons why I decided to sign the deal was the way Thomas Waber described the record).

II: Niclas and Carl, can you talk a little about your music education and inspirations as well?

NF: I have little or no education, I have been fortunate enough though to have been in very good environments. Self-learned and taught by good company you might say... When it comes to inspiration I would say that the great progressive classics are there, of course, but otherwise my taste is eclectic and inspiration can come from almost anywhere...

CW: I studied music for two years fulltime, that has, of course, been a good help, but not without problems... It's easy to be lost in theories and "rules." It took me some time to use the knowledge in a more personal way, the way I do nowadays.

Carptree - Man Made MachineII: Carptree is essentially a duo, but on the new record you are accompanied once again by the "No Future Orchestra." Is there any possibility that the entire line-up will arrange a series of tour dates in the future or not?

NF: There is always a possibility and it would be brilliant! Let's see what happens in the future!

CW: Oh yes, I really hope so. At least once a week I get that question; I think we're just waiting for the right moment.

II: Niclas and Carl, you both belong to the Swedish prog scene. Can you tell me this: why there are a lot of prog bands ailing from this country yet it seems that the fanbase doesn't grow at the same rate?

NF: I have no idea.

CW: Neither do I...

II: What I really like about the album is the capacity to recall the prog rock of the early days (like Genesis) but with the added bonus of some well-crafted modern landscapes, like in the track "In The Centre Of An Empty Place." Do you agree?

NF: That is progressive, is it not? The blend we make comes natural, since we don't aim to make a special kind of music but only look for what we like to do, the eclectic taste must shine through. This gives a certain anachronistic sound and songmaking, I guess. Glad you like it anyhow.

CW: Thanks. I think I agree, and I'm flattered by the reflection. I also agree with Niclas, that in itself is progressive, is it not? I like bands that are not so "hard core progressive" but who are on the border to other music, like Opeth.

II: Can you tell me how do you usually compose Carptree music?

NF: Well ... sometimes the initiative comes from Carl, sometimes from me. We give each other time to look at every step and idea in the process and nothing is made final without consent from the other. We work together and apart in different stages in the process. A lot of freedom and trust is necessary for this kind of process. This we have.

CW: Yep!

II: But are you able to live with music or you have to do a day job in order to maintain your "dream" of being a musician?

NF: We both love to do a lot of things and I do not think it would be solely a blessing to only do music, but maybe I'm wrong?

CW: I remember the days when I was a full time musician, that's not a good memory... If I get money from Carptree I wouldn't mind, but I will never end up having my economy based on it, that would, without doubt, affect the result in a bad way. Now we actually don't bother if people will buy or not, it's the result and what it means to us, and just us, what is important.

II: I think that's all boys. You can say whatever you want to end the interview.

NF & CW: Thank you Igor! Hello to all the readers of ProgressiveWorld, too!

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Interviewer: Igor Italiani

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