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Artist News: Never Wasn't Is ... Making Its Debut

Posted on Monday, March 31 @ 01:56:45 UTC by nightowl

"I am pleased and honored to introduce you to a new US Prog band that will fill your craving for well-crafted and finely executed progressive rock, following in the footsteps of the prog bands we all know and love!" writes producer John Rotondi. "Check out L.A.'s new premiere prog band - Never Wasn't!

"This 5 piece band has just completed it's first CD, consisting of 13 very original musical pieces. You may recognize the unique guitar work of Mike Matier- formerly with Tenn Jinn. Mike remained here when that band relocated to Sweden, and has been developing this project since that time.

"As you know, many modern prog bands have strong instrumentals - but their vocals often leave much to be desired - but not here! Soaring lead vocals by Ron Lapine are supported by fabulous instrumental arrangements that will please your ears, even after repeated listening."


Never Wasn't are: Grant Cooper - keyboards/synths, vocals; Jeff Koza - drums, electronic drums, percussion; Ronny Lapine - lead vocals, percussion; Michael Matier - electric/acoustic/synth guitars, vocals; Snake - fretless 5 string bass guitar, vocals

Can't Find The Door
Changing Seasons
No More War
Take A Moment
Too Many People
In Tune With The Moon
The Last One
Feel The Heat
In A Blue Dream

[Source: John Rotondi via e-prog and Never Wasn't website ('cept headline)

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