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Festival News: ProgDay Announces Ain Soph For 2008!

Posted on Monday, April 07 @ 03:57:11 UTC by nightowl

ProgDay is pleased to announce the very first American appearance of Ain Soph, the renowned band from Japan! Ain Soph was formed in 1970 at the beginning of the progressive rock music scene in Japan. Their first official release, A Story Of Mysterious Forest, came out in 1980 and has since become considered a classic of Japanese progressive rock.

Ultimately Ain Soph became Japan's premiere contribution to Canterbury music, with tunes that mix the symphonic elements of Camel with the jazzy musical flights of Soft Machine and Hatfield and the North, all filtered through a Japanese point of view. Richard Sinclair, who played with Ain Soph in 2004, has called them "one of the very best Canterbury music bands in the world."

Join us and help celebrate their first show in the US, and only their second show outside of Japan. We're sure Ain Soph will deliver a performance to be remembered.

[Source: ProgDay]

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