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CD/DVD Releases: Three Darkseed Titles Replanted By Metal Mind

Posted on Sunday, April 27 @ 00:40:28 UTC by nightowl

For many fans of gothic metal, Darkseed remains one of the strongest names in the history of the genre. Hailing from Munich, Germany, the band recorded several astonishing albums, mixing death metal with elements of doom and progressive rock, as well as some 80's and 70's-inspired guitar work. The result was always different, but never far from amazing. And today Metal Mind Productions presents remastered editions of 3 Darkseed albums:

Spellcraft - the group's second full-length LP showcases some of the most inspiring pieces of gothic music ever released, captured in a variety of forms that made this album truly unforgettable, re-release includes a bonus track. Give Me Light, the group's third full-length LP, brings a truly memorable metal experience, joining a handful of various musical inspirations and turning them into one intense gothic manifestation. And Diving Into Darkness, the group's fourth full-length LP, brought a serious reinvention of their sound, adding dark electro elements into the already formed mixture of various musical inspirations.

Each title will be available in a new digipak edition limited to 2000 copies. Digitally remastered using 24-Bit process on golden disc. The release date is set on 5th May 2008 in Europe and 8th July 2008 in USA (via MVD).

Spellcraft tracklist:

1. Craft Her Spell
2. Fall Whatever Falls
3. Self Pity Sick
4. You Will Come
5. That Kills My Heart
6. Be Ever Heard
7. Walk In Me
8. Spirits
9. Nevermight
10. Senca

Bonus track:

1. Chariot Wheels

Give Me Light Tracklist:

1. Dancing With The Lion
2. Cold
3. Echoes Of Tomorrow
4. Cosmic Shining
5. Journey To The Spirit World
6. Give Me Light
7. Fusion
8. Flying Together
9. Echoes of Tomorrow (Acoustic Version)
10. Spiral of Mystery
11. Desire

Diving Into Darkness Tracklist:

1. Forever Darkness
2. I Deny You
3. Counting Moments
4. Can't Find You
5. Autumn
6. Rain
7. Hopelessness
8. Left Alone
9. Downwards
10. Cold Under Water
11. Many Wills

Bio: Darkseed debuted on the metal scene around 1992, when they released their first demo entitled Sharing The Grave. The four-track tape, produced by Christian Bystron, caught the attention of several metal magazines, but it was still not enough to guarantee a record deal. Thus the band returned in 1993 with another demo, Darksome Thoughts. The material was more advanced than on the first demo and soon Darkseed gained the proper acclaim on the gothic metal scene. After a few years of searching for the right label, the band eventually signed a contract with Serenades Records to release their debut album Midnight Solemnly Dance in May, 1996. The LP was a great presentation of the group's abilities and potential, and was enough to catch the interest of one of the most respected metal labels around ? Nuclear Blast.

Darkseed was soon featured on Nuclear Blast's Live & Plugged video, where next to In Flames and EverEve they performed few of their songs live and gave an exclusive interview. But the video was merely a teaser before the release of the group's second full-length album, Spellcraft (1997). The LP brought Darkseed a strong reputation among gothic metal fans and strengthened their position on the scene.

The follow-up release entitled Give Me Light managed to repeat this success, adding a bit more melody to the final product. The album was a solid offering, but the band felt that it's time for some changes in their music? A year after Give Me Light was released, Darkseed returned with a brand new album ? Diving Into Darkness. It soon became clear that this LP was a milestone for the band's musical style, introducing several electro elements, which replaced the acoustic guitars heard on the previous releases. This way Darkseed came closer to one of its greatest inspirations ? Depeche Mode. Although the first song on the album ? "Forever Darkness" ? is still linked to the melodic death metal genre, latter tracks such as "I Deny You", "Hopelessness" or "Counting Moments" showcase a musical style which by some has been dubbed 'a metal version of Depeche Mode'. But despite this rather controversial change of stylistics, the use of industrial and electronic elements have definitely increased the gloomy gothic atmosphere, characteristic to the band's music. Songs such as "Cold Under Water" bring a haunting feeling of sorrow, brilliantly depicting an image of a ship battling against the sea. Overall, even with its innovative ideas, Diving Into Darkness showcased a pure gothic manifestation of sadness and solitude, gaining the status of a classic album. With this album the band ended their partnership with Nuclear Blast.

Eventually they moved to Massacre Records, where two of their last albums ? Astral Adventures (2003) and Ultimate Darkness (2005) ? were released.

Darkseed disbanded after the release of their last LP in 2005, with most of the musicians devoting themselves to various side-projects. The group left behind a true legacy of gothic metal offerings, forever carving their name in the history of the genre.

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