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CD/DVD Releases: Thy Majestie Finish Fourth Album

Posted on Friday, May 02 @ 03:00:00 UTC by nightowl

"We are proud to announce that the 4th Thy Majestie full length has been completed," announce Thy Majestie. "Recording, mixing and mastering are now finally over. We are enthusiastic of the final result. We think (and we don't say that only because it's usual to say these things after a new album) that this is the best album Thy Majestie have ever recorded.

"Catchy melodies, amazing guitars and keyboards solos (thanks to the guitar hero Simone Campione and the virtuoso Valerio Castorino) and a great, stunning, unbelievable vocal performance by Dario Cascio. Dawn is ready and will be released by Dark Balance Records in July the 2nd.

Thy Majestie will be headliners at Fear Dark festivals in Holland in the end of May and we'll play at Stuttgard (Germany) in the 2nd of June."

[Source: Claudio Diprima / Thy Majestie]

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