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CD/DVD Releases: News On The Next Robert Svilpa and Paraesthesia EP Release

Posted on Friday, May 02 @ 03:00:00 UTC by nightowl

After a long delay, the next Robert Svilpa EP and full CD release dates have been set.

The full CD release A Fine Line Between... has been slated for a mid-October 2008 timeframe. Recording has been taking place with final writing sessions getting to their completion. Be prepared for a mix of classic progressive and psychedelic rock, electronic and ambient dance, some metal, jazz and even new age all rolled into this eclectic set. More info regarding guest musicians (one of whom is mentioned below) and a well respected co-producer upcoming in the next week. But in the meantime...

An advance EP release previewing material from A Fine Line Between will be released June 30, 2008. Presales of the CD will started May 1, track listings are as follows:

The Only One
In The Shadows
Drawing The Short Straw
Ramble On (cover of Led Zeppelin classic)
Watcher Of The Skies (cover of Genesis classic)
The Necromancer (cover of Rush classic)

The CD features performances by Paul Harrington (keys), Mark Parris (bass) and Nick D'Virgilio (drums) on tracks 1 thru 4, with the cover songs credits as follows:

Ramble On - Tim Coffey (drums), Brian Timpe (bass), Rob (guitars, vocals)
Watcher Of The Skies - Rob (guitars, bass, vocals and programming)
The Necromancer - Rob (guitars, bass, vocals and programming).

Some will recognize Nick D'Virgilio as the lead vocalist and multi-instrumentalist/drummer from the mighty Spock's Beard - he has graciously agreed to work with us to complete this long gestating project - he will also be mixing and mastering the A Fine Line Between... CD due in October 2008. Nick and band are discussing and negotiating a deeper association as well at this time.

The CD will be approximately 50 minutes long, with pre-release mixes of the 4 songs from A Fine Line Between. Of the cover songs, only "Ramble On" is a faithful version of the original. "Watcher" and "Necromancer" have been altered to become Svilpa'ized versions. All in all, this is a limited edition with a maximum of 1000 copies (all hand signed and numbered by Rob and crew) being made available at the super duper low price of $9.99 including shipping. The preorder site was made available on www.robertsvilpa.com website on May 1st - keep checking back for more info.

People pre-ordering will be given access to digital downloads of the material a full two weeks before the CD ships - another good reason to pre-order!

[Source: Rob Svilpa]

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