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Festival News: The Best Band You Never Heard Of Confirmed For Subtacto!

Posted on Sunday, May 11 @ 00:04:16 UTC by nightowl

Credo at RF 2008; ? Stephanie SollowSubtacto Progressive Rock Society is happy to announce that Credo from United Kingdom has been confirmed for the second Subtacto Festival in October this year.

Labelled as "The best band you have never heard of?" British proggers Credo cut their first album in 1994, and their second in 2005. The band's members have been playing music since the 70s, and play their own brand of neo-progressive rock with inspiration from Fish-era Marillion, Yes, IQ, and Arena.

Credo, who last weekend made their first appearance outside the UK with their performance at the American festival ROSFest, makes their first foray into mainland Europe with their concert at Subtacto.

The band will have the honour of opening the festival on Friday October 17th.

In 1992 they have their first gig in Alderton, UK, under the name Ad Hoc, but it was only in 1993, when they released their first demos, that the name Credo was adopted by the musicians.

In 1994 the band released their debut album called Field Of Vision, which had some success in UK; the sound of the band is influenced by the usual suspects like Marillion, Genesis, a bit of Yes, but with a brighter even when lighter sound.

It took the band 11 years, but Rhetoric was released in 2005, and despite a lot of changes in the band, the style remains similar, even though they sound much better and the album is much more solid than the debut; this time you can even listen to some David Gilmour influence.

More information about the band can be found at their official website at credo.gb.com and on their MySpace site at www.myspace.com/credogb.

The Subtacto Festival this year will be a three day event, and will take place in Oslo on 17th, 18th and 19th of October. The venue will be Amat?ren (The Amateur) in Oslo, a club venue taking approximately 300 people.

More information will be available at our website on www.subtacto.com, and at our MySpace-page at www.myspace.com/subtactoprog.

[Source: Subtacto; photo collage - Credo at RoSFest, photos: ? 2008 Stephanie Sollow]

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