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CD/DVD Releases: Hydra Announce Release Of New Album

Posted on Wednesday, June 18 @ 06:27:42 UTC by nightowl

Hydra announce the release of their new album, The Special One out in stores June 30, 2008. It will be released via Musea Records.

Hydra are a band from the French Alps, who play in a very Nineties-like progressive heavy-metal style. Their first album Rock Experience (1996) really had suitable title, as the styles that were visited during the eleven tracks proved to be much more varied than first expected. On top of a perfectly mastered duality between progressive rock and AOR, it is noteworthy that exciting escapades towards jazz-tinted soul music are there to be heard! There is no doubt that Dream Theater, Queensr?che or Magellan lovers will be delighted. Last but not least, the instrumental quality serves perfectly the richness and the inventiveness of the compositions. All in all, this represents one of the most reliable hopes of the Brennus label for the future.

In 2000, a new line-up took place (Pascal Lemoine and Sebastien Denarie are on board), and the album In The Stars is released, a really heavy prog oriented album, very welcomed by all the fans.

Strangely enough, it is Musea Parall?le that eventually took the band on again some eight years after its first album! Goodbye to heavy-metal influences, this unexpected renaissance takes place as an acoustic duet featuring the vocalist S?bastien Denaire and the guitarist Pascal Lemoine. This Famous Unknown (2005) is a splendid concept-album based on the Remembrance duty. The story of an unknown soldier of World War One is told here in the way our grand-parents used to do. It is not the story of a hero, but the description of the destiny of a young conscript of unknown nationality, his joys, his sorrows, his hopes and fears. Musically speaking, the eleven titles are both catchy and original, even though the acoustic side of Marillion can sometimes be present. Not to be missed!

And now the new recording, The Special One, where Pascal and Sebastien try to make a poppy rocky prog album, with funny stuff and catchy songs.


01 Cards Of Life...
02 Love Is Not So Far
03 Free
04 Hero
05 The Special One
06 The Rock'n'Roll Preacher
07 I'll Be There
08 ...A Better Life

[Source: Hydra press release, MySpace site]

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