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CD/DVD Releases: Stone Island Records Announced Release For May/June

Posted on Sunday, June 29 @ 19:38:47 UTC by nightowl

Stone Island Records in the UK write: Firstly, our artist roster is growing at an amazing rate and we are thrilled to see the wonderful creativity blossoming day by day. Great music!

Our recent additions include Ohead, Oceanfield, The Nigua, Elektrum, Day Shift, Astral Quest, Blue Drift, The Paul Rose Band, Betsan & Corky's Cats, Clear Blue Sky .... and this week Coyote Wrecks, Magic Ship. An update on these great bands is to follow plus we have more additions to announce.

As you know, we are a new record company bringing fresh ideas to the music scene. Already you can 'try before you buy' and hear samples of the quality albums on offer. In the coming weeks we will be announcing new features to the Stone Island Records web site which we shall invite you to experience. We enjoy hearing your comments and viewpoint so feel free to e-mail us. Please invite others to join this warm community.

Releases for May/June include: Magic Ship - Love Tel Motel, Coyote Wrecks - Surreal, Oceanfield - Stolen Time, Clear Blue Sky - Gateway To The Seventh Dimension [this is the same CBS that brought us Mirror To The Stars some years back], Ohead - Gaia's Garden, The Nigua - Will They Understand, and Paul Rose - Promises

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