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Artist News: Rhapsody Of Fire Involved In Legal Dispute With Manowar's Magic Circle Music

Posted on Monday, June 30 @ 02:47:01 UTC by nightowl

As revealed last week, Italian power metal band Rhapsody Of Fire(formerly known as Rhapsody) has issued the following update:

"First of all, thank you for all the patience you had in these last times despite the lack of news regarding the band.

"We wanted to inform you that we are in the middle of a hard legal fight with MCM [Manowar's Magic Circle Music] and [the company's] main representative Mr. Joey De Maio [Manowar bassist/leader]. That's the reason why in the last months we had to keep all strictly confidential and could not release any official declaration that could obviously be used against us from the opposite side. And that's also the reason why we were constricted to stop completely our band's activity. Frankly, we are not able to imagine if all this can end in a very close future, but we want to assure you that we are ready to fight with all the strength of body and soul in order to protect yours and our beloved band.

"Yes, aside from these bad events, we ask you to not lose your faith in us. As soon as this sad situation will be solved, we'll be ready for a great and mighty come back. A new album, a real masterpiece of speed/epic metal, is already composed and ready to be recorded and after its release an immense worldwide tour will finally follow for yours and our extreme satisfaction."

Rhapsody Of Fire's first-ever DVD, Visions From The Enchanted Lands, was released in July 2007 through Magic Circle Music. The disc chronicles the 2005 tour and production for the albums Symphony Of Enchanted Lands II and Triumph Or Agony. Highlights of this double DVD are recordings from Rhapsody Of Fire's first tour through U.S. and Canada as well as their outstanding performance at the Eartshaker Fest 2005. [...]


Unholy Warcry (Introduction)
The Past Few Years
The Wisdom Of The Kings (Live from Germany)
The Fans
The Village Of Dwarves (Live from Canada)
The Mystical Journey
Erian's Mystical Rhymes (Live from Canada)
Drum Solo (Live from Canada)
Canadian Cousins
Dawn Of Victory (Live from Canada)
Lamento Eroico (Live from Canada)
Emerald Sword (Live from Canada)

Czech Republic 'Masters of Rock':

The Village Of Dwarves (Live from Czech Republic)
Land Of Immortals (Live from Czech Republic)

Germany's 'Earthshaker Fest 2005':

Holy Thunderforce (Live from Germany)

Bonus Videos:

Unholy Warcry Music Video (extended version)
The Magic of the Wizard's Dream (German version)

Unreleased Bonus Tracks (audio only):

Age Of The Red Moon
Power Of Thy Sword


Unholy Warcry - music video
The Magic Of The Wizard's Dream - music video
The Making Of The Dark Secret - documentary
The Making Of The Wizard's Dream - documentary
Unholy Warcry (Live from USA)
Live Equipment
Additional interviews from 2005 tour
Triumph or Agony - electronic press kit
Rehearsal - Erian's Mystical Rhymes
The Village of Dwarves
Unholy Warcry - Music Video (Behind the Scenes)

[Whether the current legal issue will limit the availability of this DVD, I don't know. -ed.

[Robert, Rock N Roll Cola; Rhapsody Of Fire website]

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