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Concerts: No Name To Play 20th Anniversary Concert

Posted on Saturday, July 12 @ 18:09:45 UTC by nightowl

Anonymous writes "

No Name, the neo-prog band out of Luxembourg, will play at the Op Der Schmelz in Dudelange, Luxembourg on November 29, 2008. The band are currently working on a new album, their fifth, but have set that aside temporarily to re-recorded earlier No Name material for an album to be called 20 Candles to celebrate their 20th.

The band also recently said goodbye to Iris Sontag (vocals, flute, and bass), who decided to leave the band in June, and hello to Marc "Mulles" M?ller (bass), who had been a friend of the band prior to joining. The current No Name line up is: Alex "Lex" Rukavina (keyboards), Yves Di Prospero (guitars), Patrick "Kuffi" Kiefer; and Christian Sonntag (drums) and Marc "Mulles" M?ller (bass).


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