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CD/DVD Releases: Soon New IQ For You

Posted on Sunday, July 13 @ 05:35:54 UTC by nightowl

All the music has been now written for the latest IQ album (working title of Frequency); and it?s looking like it will be their longest single studio album to date, with just under an hour?s worth of music.

"Frequency" and "Crashed And Burned," which were played on the last tour will both make it onto the album. Work in the studio resumed on 5th June and all guitars were completed for "Frequency" and "Crashed And Burned" as well as starting work on two new tracks, entitled "Long One" and "Closer."

The band were once again in the studio again on 10th July when they continued with guitars and keyboards, and also started work on the bass. Towards the end of July the location will be Manchester where they'll start recording the vocals with Pete in a new "differently-abled" studio, "Chez Hilda," which is being put together especially for the album. Pete is now fighting fit again and we have been told to watch out for the dangerously high vocal solo towards the end of the album.

The final mix is scheduled to take place in early September and IQ hope to have copies of the finished album ready for the Eclipsed Festival in Aschaffenburg on November 22nd.

For more details and further updates on the album's progress please visit IQ's website.

[Source: Classic Rock Society ('cept headline)]

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