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CD/DVD Releases: Blackmore's Night's ''Secret Voyage'' Launches

Posted on Sunday, August 17 @ 22:50:09 UTC by nightowl

Secret Voyage, the new album by Blackmore?s Night ? the duo of award-winning singer/songwriter Candice Night and legendary guitarist Ritchie Blackmore ? is available now (in the US via SPV Records! Taking inspiration from traditional folk music from around the world, Secret Voyage is sure to transport you to a simpler, more magical time.

Other members of the band include Bard David of Larchmont (keyboards/vocals), Earl Grey of Chimay (bass/rhythm guitar/vocals), Squire Malcolm of Lumley (percussionist), and Gypsy Rose (violin/vocals).

This kaleidoscopic musical journey through time and space incorporates traditional folk music from around the world. The album blends haunting ancient melodies with newly-written Night lyrics inspired by nature and fantasy, partially recorded on renaissance-period instruments, and arranged with a contemporary dramatic flair that features the brilliant acoustic and electric guitar stylings of Blackmore.

"With Blackmore's Night," says Blackmore, "we have the creative freedom to play any style of music we want. We can play folk, rock, ballads, instrumentals, or tavern songs. I couldn't do that in Deep Purple. Now I feel as if I'm not in a box anymore."

Inspired by their international performances, and assimilating the various melodies from the continents they?ve traversed, many of the 12 new tracks on Secret Voyage have been adapted from the folk traditions of numerous countries including France ("Gilded Cage"), Russia ("Toast To Tomorrow"), Germany ("Prince Waldeck's Galliard") and England ("Peasant's Promise"). Add to that two stunning covers done distinctively in Blackmore's Night's strongly identifiable style - the 1961 Elvis Presley hit "Can't Help Falling In Love" and Rainbow?s "Rainbow Eyes" - and some entrancingly poignant originals.

In addition to creating the kind of haunting sonic soundscapes that captivate your mind like your fondest memories, Night and Blackmore also continue to work for the many causes they espouse. Together with World Wildlife Fund (WWF) they?ve helped plant 6,000 fruit trees in Borneo, donated time and money to help Siberian tigers, bats in Berlin, badgers in Great Britain and, at many of their concerts around the world, have established fund drives for "No Kill" animal shelters. When not touring they continue to sponsor shelter animals and even hold a private show at holiday time every year to raise funds for local animal charities. They have also banded together with C020L to help the environment by planting trees in Panama to reduce the toxins brought on by the band's touring.

Night stars as Princess Candice at the interactive theme park Magiquest, and Princess Amora at throughout U.S. and Japan. She has also been the reigning "Faerie Queen," nominated by Faerie Magazine, at the Faerie Festivals throughout the USA and is much beloved by the children who travel miles to meet her in this role. Her film debut, House Of Eternity, is scheduled for release this fall.

?Locked Within The Crystal Ball? Audio Stream: www.blackmoresnight.com/audio_clips/locked.mp3
Secret Voyage Listening Party: www.spv.de/blackmoresnight/90s
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