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CD/DVD Releases: Wastefall Calls It Quits

Posted on Monday, August 18 @ 02:12:48 UTC by nightowl

Greek progressive act Wastefall has announced its decision to disband. The group's official statement on the matter reads as follows:

"The band's situation has not been really good the past few months, since Alexander [Katsiyiannis; guitar] was studying in Crete (island of Greece) far away from Athens. We did renew our contract with Intromental Management this year and after this we have had the opportunity to play at ProgPower Scandinavia in October 2008. Our drummer Kostis [Papaleksopoulos] passed his examinations and he will have to leave Greece this summer for a few years, since he will study in a musical university in England, so we found a professional session drummer to help us for this live show. Also Domenik [Papaemmanouil; vocals, guitars, keyboards] has moved to Germany since 2007 and although he was doing all he could, it was not easy for us to handle our obligations. The band was spread out and it was difficult for all of us to organize our priorities in any way required. We were also in a very difficult economic situation and it was then that Alexander decided to leave Wastefall

"The beginning and vision of Wastefall was an idea of Alexander and Domenik and since Alexander wasn't available anymore the band's 'core' was broken. After this, nothing will be the same so we made the difficult decision and we are really sad to announce the end of Wastefall.

"At first, we would like to say a big thanks and a lot of apologies to Hercules Loukakis for his time, honesty and will to help us out with the 'ProgPower live show' and also thank our former members, Ken Golden from our record label Sensory and Olivier Garnier from our French record label/promotion Replica, Claus Jensen and Lars Larsen from our official management, George Karamanos, Nikos Sigklidis and Vicky Michalitsi (Si-lia) for being our personal local management/advertisers, all our friends, our families for supporting us, the local and international magazines, webzines, forums, and finally our fans in all over the world and all those who did believe in Wastefall's dream and supported us all these years.

"The band's website, forum, e-mails and web administration, such as any Wastefall profiles all over the Internet, for at least some years will be administrated by Christos Kyrkilis in cooperation with any other Wastefall member neeeded."

Wastefall guitarist Alex Katsiyiannis has issued the following separate statement regarding his decision to leave the group:

"Due to various complicated reasons and my personal choice to follow my academic studies, I can no longer be a Wastefall member. I want to thank all my bandmates, fans, Claus and Lars from Intromental, Ken at Sensory and Olivier at Replica for all the great times. Concerning music, all I have to say is that I'm going to continue writing music, in a very different style though, and not with the perspective of releasing something soon. It was a great journey I will always remember. I hope that other bands will be influenced by our passion so far and mark their way in the 'rotten' music business. Dom, Chris, Nick, Kostis: Love, respect, good luck and apologies."

Wastefall's third album, Self Exile, was released in 2006 via Sensory Records. The CD was mixed and mastered by Tommy Hansen (Helloween, TNT, Jorn Lande, etc.) at Jailhouse Studios in Denmark.

[Secret Sphere have filled Wastefall's spot on the Progpower Scandinavia roster - ed.]

[Source: Robert, Rock 'N' Roll Cola]

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