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CD/DVD Releases: Scoring A Perfect 10 - Guy Manning New Album Update

Posted on Saturday, August 30 @ 19:07:40 UTC by nightowl

Guy Manning posted the follow to his newsgroup about his upcoming album Number Ten, "Tracking listing ... but no final running order yet.

1. Bloody Holiday!
2. Another Lazy Sunday
3. A Road Less Travelled
4. An Ordinary Day
5. Another Time & Place (may get renamed yet)
6. Valentine's Night
7. The Final Chapter
8. Ships

"Now moving out of the final recording session phase (Flute, Bass, Fiddle) and into pre-production. Contributors (So far)................... Andy Tillison - Keyboards, Drums; Laura Fowles - Saxes, Vocals; Kris Hudson-Lee - Bass; Phil Wilkes - Additional Keyboards; Julie King - Vocals; Kev Currie - Backing Vocals; Steve Dundon - Flute; Ian 'Walter' Fairbairn - Fiddle; Danny Rhodes - Additional Drums

"Artwork has been delayed, but is now starting to get back on track.

"More news as we get into the final push!

"Other News: Tangent rehearsals for Summers' End have commenced."

In a further update, Guy writes, "I am very glad to inform that Dave [Million] has returned to the band and has put some wonderful electric guitar parts all over the new album (Number Ten) ... and so he gets a special post all for himself :0) [oops, we spoilt that -ed.]

He will be [was] part of the Akoustik line-up on Sunday too! [that was Aug 23 -ed.]

"Dave has his own MySpace site where he is publishing his own compositions. So make sure you get over there and check these out!"

[Source: Guy Manning; photo: courtesy, ? 2004]

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