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Festival News: Mangala Vallis Announced For RoSFest 2009!

Posted on Tuesday, September 09 @ 07:00:00 UTC by nightowl

RoSfest is pleased to welcome Italian progressive rock band Mangala Vallis to the RoSfest stage in 2009. The band will be performing in the third slot on May 3rd. Mangala Vallis was formed in 1998 in Reggio Emilia, Italy, when long time friends Gigi Cavalli Cocchi (Drums), Enzo Cattini (Keyboards) and Mirco Consolini (Guitar and Bass) got together to create music taking inspiration from the great progressive rock bands of the seventies. Their idea had been to move over from there to create a contemporary fascinating sound.

The Book Of Dreams, a concept dedicated to the memory of writer Jules Verne, is their debut album released in 2002. Different singers were performing vocals on that album and Bernardo Lanzetti, formerly with PFM and Acqua Fragile, appeared as special guest on one track.

A very positive reaction from the prog world moved the band to play at some of the most important festivals around Europe. Along the way, Riccardo Sgavetti on bass and Nicola Milazzo on guitar joined in while Bernardo Lanzetti was recruited as a full time member.

With this final, solid line up the new album by Mangala Vallis Lycanthrope was released in November 2005 with lyrics by Mr. Lanzetti and unique sax by David Jackson of Van Der Graaf Generator. Lycanthrope has been performed live in Holland, France, Belgium and Italy.

Recently Matteo Stocchino on keyboards has replaced Enzo Cattini who still remains a great friend of the band. Presently Mangala Vallis are working on a new album which is due by the beginning of 2009.

Head on over to the RoSfest site and download the free mp3 "The Boy That Howls At The Moon" from the album Lycanthrope and check out the YouTube video "The Mask."

Mangala Vallis @ Myspace - www.myspace.com/mangalavallis
Mangala Vallis You tube videos -www.youtube.com/Mangala+Vallis
Check out the bands bio and MP3 - rosfest.com/Performers-2009/Mangala_Vallis.htm

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