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Concerts: RC2 To Play Minnuendo Art Rock Fest, AudioDenia...

Posted on Saturday, February 07 @ 00:00:00 UTC by nightowl

"We [RC2] have been invited to play in this year's edition of Minnuendo Art Rock Fest in Perata (Navarra), this is the 6th edition of the event that has featured over the years many great prog rock bands, such as RPWL, Arena, Focus, Pendragon and Pain of Salvation. For RC2 is a great opportunity to show prog fans our live energy. We hope to see everyone there on July 18th so we can meet with some of you and listen to some great music.

"The festival organizers will announce the rest of the line-up pretty soon, check their website regularly: www.minnuendo.com and www.myspace.com/minnuendofest.

"Another great event has invited us to play [AudioDenia Music Fest] ? and again alongside some incredible bands, the list so far is: RC2 (ES), Pendragon (UK), Abarax (DE), Paintbox (SE), Gazpacho (NO), Also Eden (UK), Prisma (CH), Kotebel (ES), Senogul (ES) and more to come? starting September 4th this promises to be a 3 full day mega festival in an amazing scenario that we are sure will make history in prog rock and a fantastic way to end the summer. We will be playing on Sunday September 6th so we also hope to see you there.

"Visit their myspace for more details: www.myspace.com/audiodenia

"Quick reminder on [our concert with] Gazpacho @ Bikini next March 31st , tickets are on sale on Tick Tack Ticket? if you live in Barcelona or are travelling to city from anywhere in Europe those days we will love to see you? we will be playing songs from the new album in our 40 minutes opening spot in a great venue (Barcelona?s best concert club). It?s a chance to see a great band (uhum uhum ? and us), this guys sound amazing, they really are Norway?s top Progrock act. Check them out at: www.myspace.com/gazpachomusic.

"Tickets for the event here: www.ticktackticket.com.

"Xavi Llop, Mondosonoro Music Magazine journalist and prog rock enthusiast wrote a great review on Future Awaits that was published on January?s issue. Thanks Xavi!!!

"This is it for now we hope to have more exciting news soon."

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