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CD/DVD Releases: Caerllysi Music Releases Concept Album From Antony Kalugin

Posted on Sunday, April 19 @ 05:26:23 UTC by nightowl

Caerllysi Music would like to introduce a classic rock concept album from Antony Kalugin (Hoggwash, Karfagen) -- Sunchild - The Invisible Line.

Also available with a limited edition Bonus Caerllysi Music CD with full colour four page booklet 7 bonus tracks includes two written for the main album, a video section of 24+ minutes showing the making of the album (playable on a computer).

"The Invisible Line is something that is deep inside of each of us. It?s somewhere between black and white, right and wrong. And it?s only You who can decide whether you cross that line or not. The problem is that sometimes it?s so hard to tell what is what and who is who and even harder to dare to decide... We?re like desolate broken warriors realizing how many weakness we have and how few strengths. So we become afraid even to look into the eyes of our beloved man.

"The album is a small journey across that invisible line, of special moments and greater decisions. The story could easily be you or it could be me . . . it?s the invisible face of people trying to share their lives with each other ... the equal fear of loss and the triumph of victory so many different emotions all rolled into one.

"So, if you dare let me take You on a journey across that very special line!" - Antony Kalugin

Sunchild are to play live at the Crescendo Festival France on the 20th August 2009 and at the Audio Denia Art Rock Festival Spain on the 4th September 2009.

[Source: Caerllysi Music]

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