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CD/DVD Releases: Escape From New Music Releases

Posted on Sunday, June 28 @ 01:00:00 UTC by nightowl

Sorry, that headline should read: New Releases From Escape Music... First to escape from Escape is Ilium's Ageless Decay... [because we know decay never goes out of style...? -ed.]. Ilium is a melodic power metal band with strong roots in the classic heavy metal sound as purveyed by the likes of Iron Maiden, Black Sabbath and Judas Priest, [and hail] from Newcastle, Australia. The band has already released three albums and is currently poised to release their fourth album Ageless Decay on Escape Music. [It came out June 22 -ed.]

The band's third release Vespertilion was released in Dec 2007 and [... was] the last to feature vocalist Lord Tim. Ilium's [...] Ageless Decay [was recorded] with vocalist Mike DiMeo, a legend in metal circles being the longest serving vocalist for New York legends Riot before succeeding Jorn Lande as the lead vocalist for Roland Grapow's post-Helloween project Masterplan. The album [was] mixed and mastered by the Danish power metal legend Tommy Hansen, who practically wrote the book on power metal production with the godfathers of the genre, Helloween.

Ageless Decay is a breath of fresh air for the band, with Mike DiMeo fitting into the lead vocal slot in an effortless manner. The music is more dynamic than before and flows along with magnificent guitar leads and bold keyboards. This is Power metal like you have never heard before, totally professional and so infectious, the hooks will leave you spellbound from the start. Production is flawless as you would expect from Tommy Hansen, this CD is the bands best yet and can only see them secure their dominance of the power metal scene.

Tracklisting: Mothcaste / Hibernal Thaw / Tar Pit / Omnipaedia / Xerophyte / Nubia Awakes / Ageless Decay / Eocene Dawning / Fragmented Glory / The Neo-Mortician / The Little Witch Of Madagascar / Idolatry

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At the end of May Vindictiv released Ground Zero. The basis of Vindictiv started in early 2004 and is the brainchild of Stefan Lindholm. At an early stage Stefan contacted keyboard maestro Pontus Larsson and they started to work on some of the songs Stefan had laid down. They recorded a demo with Tommy Karevik (Seventh Wonder) and guitarist Johan Larsson (Johan and Tommy Band). The result was the 2005 demo and it met with some great reviews in Sweden Rock magazine. However, Johan and Tommy decided to move on but Stefan managed to contact respected singer Goran Edman (Yngwie Malmsteen / Karma, etc) and, as he liked the songs, he put his heart and soul into making them fantastic. Bass player Nalle Pahlsson (Zan-Clan, Treat) joined the already impressive line-up and through Goran they got in touch with drummer Mikael Wikman, who played on the [self-titled] debut (ESM164). Zoltan Csorsz has since taken the stool and his fantastic drumming can be heard on Ground Zero. [Csorsz was at one time the drummer in The Flower Kings and is the drummer with Karmakanic, with whom Edman is the vocalist -ed.]. Other guests: Mark Boals - vocals (Venom), Oliver Hartmann ? vocals (Reach Out, I?m Back Home, The Sacrifice), Alex Argento - keyboard, Leif Karlsson - percussion , Ann Wallstr?m - baroque violin, Katarina Widell - flute, recorders, Patrik Karlsson - baroque guitar, Jonna Inge - viola and Caroline Valdemarsson - violin.

Tracklist: Modern World / Ground Zero / Reach Out / Golden Gate / Venom / Tweedledum & Tweedledee / I'm Back Home / Martha's Song / Overshoot Day / No Matter What / The Sacrifice

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On the horizon: AOR - Journey To LA (Aug 28, 2009), Altaria - Unholy (Aug 28, 2009), Radio Silence - Whose Skin Are You Under Now (Jul 19, 2009)

[Source: Connecting Music PR and Escape Music website - except the sarkyness, 'natch]

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