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CD/DVD Releases: New Titles From Silver Wolf Productions On The Prowl

Posted on Sunday, June 28 @ 01:00:00 UTC by nightowl

Since the beginning of this year, Silver Wolf Productions has released six titles, starting with Emergency Gate's Reawake, which was released January 23. This is German Melodic Death Metal at its best. This CD has it all, powerfull guitars, fantastic solos, vocals from hell and the bass and drums are very tight with each other. If you like great melodic death metal this is your CD to get NOW. Heavy riffs and melodical refrains build a masterpiece. In the south of Europe Emergency Gate is titled ?German In Flames? or ?German Killswitch Engage." Recommended if you like In Flames, Children of Bodom, Killswitch Engage, Sentenced. With the amount of energy, freshness and spirit that these talented young musicians put into their music, it's only a matter of time before Emergency Gate get their big break.

April saw the release of Mely's Portrait Of A Porcelain Doll and Shenaniganz's Open Your Eyes Or Cover Your Head on April 3, and 69 Chambers' War Of The Inside on April 24.

Mely are back with their 4th full length studio-album! The new album Portrait Of A Porcelain Doll was produced by Mely and Mario Lochert. It has all what a modern highclass dark rock/metal album needs - powerful, progressive and melodic riffing, an overall dark ambient without losing focus on pretty ass-kicking hooklines. That?s what Mely stand for and work hard for. A must have for each Dark Rock/Metal Fan!

Put your furniture in the garage, mask all sharp edges and bring the dog to the neighbours! This band has knocked every head and shook every hip yet! Shenaniganz let the 70s rock heroes sound in a newer way. The underground sensation thrills a wide audience range. The barely bold rockheads get hair to their shoulders again? [Um... ok -ed.] The young and the young at heart love their energetic attitude! Their sound is described best with the words of their song ?We Are The Underground" : Drumkit hits you like a fist in your mouth! Guitarstrings, ringing like they?d never let you down! Bass so fat it makes you squat on the ground! F**k all the mainstream ? We are the underground.. [Um... yeah. Ok. Not as profound as 'mountains come out of the sky and stand there' but... ok -ed.] That?s how you imagine rock?n?roll, that?s the way it has to be and this is how the insider tip converts numerous concertgoers. With an unbelievable presence on stage and an apparently never-ending stamina the Shenaniganz rock it like AC/DC, Led Zeppelin and Jet but can?t basically be compared. From catchy hooklines over refrains to scream along or unexpected brakes and fast speedchanges to melody-loaded guitar parts and guitar solos comes everything what the listeners can ask for. [I didn't say they were prog rock releases...]

The debut album War On The Inside from the rock-/metal-trio 69 Chambers, with frontwoman Nina Treml on guitar and vocals, bass player Maddy Madarasz and drummer Michi Brugger, was produced by Tommy Vetterli (Coroner, Kreator). It?s a high-quality production with a powerful sound, heavy dropped guitars and unique vocals that sing unusual yet catchy melodies. The musical influences seem clear, but you can?t really compare 69 Chambers with any other band.

And then finally in May, StormHammer revealed Signs Of Revolution (May 22) and Loch Vostok unveiled Reveal No Secrets (May 29). First, StormHammer: Just the kind of Metal you're looking for. Acting without any compromises, StormHammer delivers a very diverse mixture of Hyper-Melodic, Euro style Power Metal, and US-Metal. As well as a decent bite of NWOBHM approach (Iron Maiden, Judas Priest, etc.). There is no escaping the hook lines in these songs. The dedication and the outstanding instrumental ability of each member radiates from every song forming the typical sound of StormHammer.

Well, the secret's out now - Loch Vostok's Reveal No Secrets is Swedish Melodic Death Metal at its best, This CD has it all, powerful guitars, brilliant technical passages and vocals from hell? if you like great melodic death metal this is your CD to get NOW. Heavy riffs and melodical refrains build a masterpiece. Another brilliant band located by US based Nightmare Records. For fans of Childeren of Bodom, In Flames & Arch Enemy.

[Source: Connecting Music PR]

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