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CD/DVD Releases: Opeth Announce Triplets

Posted on Sunday, June 28 @ 01:10:00 UTC by nightowl

Yes, triplets. But not babies in the biological sense. As relayed by Robert at Rock N Roll Cola, the Opeth three-CD box set called The Candlelight Years, featuring the the band's first three albums, will be released in Europe on July 13 via Candlelight Records. The set, which originally came out in Japan in June 2008, features the following track listing:

The first child is Orchid (1995):

01. In Mist She Was Standing
02. Under The Weeping Moon
03. Silhouette
04. Forest Of October
05. The Twilight Is My Robe
06. Requiem
07. The Apostle In Triumph
08. Into The Frost Of Winter

Middle child, Morningrise (1996):

01. Advent
02. The Night And The Silent Water
03. Nectar
04. Black Rose Immortal
05. To Bid You Farewell
06. Eternal Soul Torture

And the youngest, grimly named offspring is My Arms, Your Hearse (1998):

01. Prologue
02. April Etherea
l 03. When
04. Madrigal
05. The Amen Corner
06. Demon Of The Fall
07. Credence
08. Karma
09. Epilogue
10. Circle Of The Tyrant
11. Remember Tomorrow

You can pre-order Opeth's The Candlelight Years box set from Plastichead.com

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