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CD/DVD Releases: Bitter Frost Releases Neo-Classical Melodic Black Metal Project

Posted on Sunday, May 09 @ 21:30:00 UTC by nightowl

This might be a bit afield for us here at PW, but Bitter Frost, the Escondido, California based Neo-Classical Melodic Black Metal project led by multi-instrumentalist Lord Christopher A. Erikson, unleashed his self-released debut cd Bitter Frost on April 16, 2010.

A full 6 years in the making; the monstrous debut CD is a massive 106 minute Black Metal Opera featuring 7 different incredible vocalists from the metal underground including:

Sean Peck, the master vocalist from the international heavy metal band Cage
Anthony Prechtl (Diadem)
Stacy Rugely (Oplexicon)
Joe Onweller (Con)
Dorian Bell (Evighet Av Aske)
Dan Morris (Gannondorf)

Bitter Frost breaks ground by taking the listener on a dark musical journey that successfully melds many different styles of extreme metal music such as Power Metal vocals within a Black Metal song, Blackened Jazz, Viking Metal and Satanic Black Metal.

All compositions showcase technical Neo-Classical style guitar riffs / solos and atmospheric symphonic orchestration, all centered around the common foundation of traditional Scandanavian Black Metal.

The debut CD was recorded, produced, mixed and mastered by native Swedish musician and Southern California metal icon Lord Christopher A. Erikson at his sunny California based recording studio.

The Bitter Frost debut CD features the following 13 original tracks:

1. Delusions Of Grandeur
2. Astral
3. Pagan Wheel
4. Novus Ordo Seclorum
5. Till Norr
6. Apotheosis
7. Signs That Point To Nowhere
8. Nemesis
9. Vulnere Virtus
10. Oplexicon I - Sons of Kogaion
11. Oplexicon II - Speed of Hate
12. Oplexicon III - Waterboard The Peasants
13. Oplexicon IV - Arrogance

Upon purchase of the CD, metal fans will be able to receive the following additional 8 (digital download only) bonus tracks:

14. Men Of Clay
15. Astral (Diadem Mix)
16. Evil Eye
17. Journey To Solunari
18. Cursed In Fire And Cloud
19. Oplexicon V - Obsession
20. Alone In The Woods
21. Waves Of Despair

The CD can be ordered directly from Lord Christopher A. Erikson at the following link:


Bitter Frost will appeal to all fans of Windir, Bal Sagoth, Wintersun, Behemoth, Skyfire, Children Of Bodom, Dimmu Borgir and Yngwie Malmsteen.

[Source: Online Metal Promo]

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