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CD/DVD Releases: Jon Schaffer's Sons Of Liberty: ''Brush-Fires Of The Mind'' Set For July 13th Re

Posted on Monday, June 28 @ 04:00:00 UTC by nightowl

New Website Streaming Debut Album and Alex Jones Show Video Interview

Historically, music has always been at its most powerful when coming from a place of oppression or struggle. As the reality of making ends meet in North America becomes a bleaker prospect with each passing year, regular people who never before questioned their own government, are now finding themselves looking for answers to explain the increasing levels of difficulty and fear we are all now forced to deal with.

Iced Earth brainchild, Jon Schaffer, has developed a new project, Sons Of Liberty, for the purpose of spreading awareness about the current state of affairs worldwide. Schaffer's goal for this project is not to sell records, t-shirts or tickets, but rather wake people up and to get them to start researching and talking with each other. He setup the very informative resource website www.sons-of-liberty.net as a think-tank containing lots of interesting web-links, book and movie recommendations, and much more. Sons Of Liberty - Brush-Fires Of The Mind is set for a July 13th release.

Schaffer knew exactly what he was doing when he initially launched the Sons Of Liberty project via his very public and outspoken appearance on Alex Jones' radio show, the man behind the controversial and wildly-popular www.infowars.com and Prison Planet TV. You can check out this in-depth interview here.

Schaffer handles all vocals and instrumentation for Sons Of Liberty, but the effort also features guest solos by legendary producer Jim Morris, Iced Earth guitarist Troy Seele and world-class bassist, Ruben Drake. Born from Schaffer's desire to stimulate curiosity about a pattern of global banking corruption that is undermining the independence of people and their countries, Sons Of Liberty aims to spearhead a multi-faceted and peaceful resistance of the tyranny being wrought every day on regular people.

Schaffer, in turn, has reverently named his new project after a secret organization comprised of notable United States' patriots that formed in 1765. These patriots worked fervently to expose and resist the tyranny that the colonists were subjected to, which ultimately led to the American Revolution.

[Source: Century Media]

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