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Artist News: Lion Music News Round Up

Posted on Sunday, July 04 @ 21:00:00 UTC by nightowl

A pair of news items from Lion Music, starting with Ashent

Silence doesn't mean inactivity: Titta Tani is the new singer of Italian progressive metallers Ashent. The band report: "After a short but intense period of transition, the new Ashent line-up is finally completed. Titta Tani (Claudio Simonetti - Daemonia, Goblin, ex-DGM and ex-Necrophagia) officially joins the band, replacing the band's dear friend Steve Braun. After 5 years spent together, we friendly decided to follow different musical adventures, hoping to continue to improve ourselves as men, musicians and song-writers, with honesty and genuine passion. We wish Steve all the best in order to reach new goals with his new band. Now, we are fully focused on the next gigs and we're continuing the composition of our 3rd album that, with reasonable certainty, will be recorded during the next fall-winter period.

"Steve's statement: 'Today is a very bittersweet day for me. My Ashent family and I have regretfully decided to part ways. Due to the economic problems in the world it was getting increasing harder to get over to Italy. After quite a few discussions we decided that the only way for Ashent to move forward is for them to look for a new singer. My wife Tara and I love our Ashent family and are sad that this period has to come to an end but we love Ashent too much to let it suffer because I couldn't be a part as much as was needed. With this being said I couldn't be happier that Titta has joined the Ashent family. He is an awesome singer as well as a great guy. We met last May when we did a few shows together and instantly I considered him a true friend. Thank you all for the memories and most of all your love and friendship. God Bless!!!!'

"Titta's personal statement: 'Ashent welcome me as a family receives a relative who has been far away for a long time: with friendship and affection. And it's FANTASTIC. To replace such an impressive singer as Steve is a challange that cannot be undervalued, but I will give the best of myself in order to find the way into the fans' hearts of this amazing band!'

"So guys, see you at the next gigs, and stay tuned checking the official pages."

Ashent @ MySpace

A studio report update from Mistheria:

All recordings and mixing are now complete for the forthcoming solo album from one of metal leading keyboard maestros - Mistheria. The keyboard wizard has checked in with the following guest updates:

"Mark Boals (Royal Hunt, Ring of Fire, Y. Malmsteen) has completed his recordings on the song 'Eye Of The Storm - Metal Opera 82.' Of course, the song sounds nothing short of awesome! With a mix between elegant melody and metal power, Mark?s vocals made the song totally captivating! After long years trying to make real our collaboration, I?m really proud to feature Mark, one of the greatest metal singers, on my new album!"

Mark comments, "This song brought back fond memories of the roots of Neo-Classic Metal. I had a blast recording it, and working with Mistheria!"

Rob Rock has posted the following statement on his involvement in the album. "Recording for Mistheria was a pleasure for me. 'Lies And Deception' is a great song we wrote together and the song is just full of monster musicians exploding all over the place. A very interesting song to be a part of. The song is also very energizing and my vocal performance is high octane, somewhat like my 'Wicked Maiden' (Impellitteri) and 'Slayer Of Souls' (Rob Rock) vibe in a way. A very 'live' vocal take, with lots of 'on the spot' ad-libbing, which added a very emotional and natural performance attitude to the song. I really like it!" - RR

Italian Bass player Alberto Rigoni (Twinspirits / solo) completes the Dragon Fire album line-up. Thanks to a great mixture of perfect performance and powerful rich sound, Alberto did an excellent job recording whole album with his fantastic 6-strings Elrick Bass.

The album's personel in full is: Vocals - John West, Mark Boals, Rob Rock, Titta Tani, Lance King.
Guitars - George Bellas, Roger Staffelbach, Emir Hot, Neil Zaza
Bass - Dino Fiorenza, Alberto Rigoni
Drums - John Macaluso

Lion Music can now confirm the track listing is as follows:

01. Dragon Fire
02. Lies And Deception
03. Killing The Pain
04. Two Of Us
05. Metal Opera (Part 1): A.D. 1982
06. Metal Opera (part 2): Eye Of The Storm
07. Now It's Never
08. Fire And Flames
09. The Prelude Of My Life
10. Chopin Fantasy
11. The Power Of One
12. The Beast
13. A Beautiful Dream

Mistheria - Dragon's Fire will see release later in 2010.

[Source: Lion Music]

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