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CD/DVD Releases: ?resund Space Collective ''Slip Into The Vortex'' With New CD

Posted on Thursday, July 08 @ 19:00:00 UTC by nightowl

"[Slip Into The Vortex] is the 6th CD (7th release) by the all improvised space rock band from the Copenhagen-Malm? region of Scandinavia (?resund) [, the ?resund Space Collective]. It is a wordless drama where friends meet up to have fun and tell a story with music. It is a beautiful ritual without safety-lines where musicians paint on an empty canvas with brushes of sound. Thumbs up to the control room, hit the record button and off we go! Where will we go? No one knows, but you are welcome to come along for the ride.

"This artistic expression was captured at the massive Black Tornado Studios in October 2008 and featured new members on drums, bass, and saxophone that had never been in the studio with the band before. Stefan, from the Danish band Gas Giant and now Sumo Sun, was joining to play guitar. Stefan was teamed up with Magnus on guitar from Mantric Muse and now also in Sumo Sun. Anders G. from the Swedish band Bland Bladen was playing drums and he had played on many of our early jam sessions but never in the studio.

"On bass we had Jocke and P?r from the Carpet Knights. Jocke has played on most of our studio records but P?r brought in some new blood which helped to push some of the jams in a cool direction. Finally, Anders H. from the Danish band, The Univerzals joined us on saxophone. Mogens and Dr. Space created all the keyboard and space sounds, and have played on all the bands releases but as with every session, had some new synthesizers and sounds to add to the mix! The music is of a more progressive and laid back nature but the journeys and interactions between the musicians are amazing and create a fantastic aural experience where one can get lost and return to find new things with ever listen.

"The CD was mixed by Tobias (The Carpet Knights) in Malm?, Sweden and the CD was mastered by Henrik Udd, who had mixed and mastered some of the band?s previous albums. The band on this release was: Stefan- guitars; Magnus- guitars; Jocke- bass; P?r- bass; Anders G.- drums; Anders H.- saxophone; Dr. Space- Synthesizers; Mogens- hammond and synthesizers."

Track Listing:

I Teleported to Acapulco
Mothership Machinery
Fondle The Frequency
Slip Into The Vortex
Sonic Snake
Lord Of Slumber

[Source: ?resund Space Collective]

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