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Concerts: Therion Singer & Frontman Snowy Shaw Forced To Sit Out Show This Weekend

Posted on Thursday, July 08 @ 23:10:00 UTC by nightowl

Therion singer & frontman Snowy Shaw is forced to sit out this weekend's show at RockHarz, Germany due to sickness.

This German festival would have been Snowy's last show with the band after he had decided to part ways with Therion after 4 years, 2 studio albums, Live DVD's and numerous tours around the world.

However, Snowy is included and has contributed writing and co-writing songs on the forthcoming Therion album: Sitra Ahra (scheduled for release through Nuclear Blast in September).

"I've had a terrific and great time touring and working with Therion and I do wish them nothing but the best in the future, but I've felt for some time that it's time for me to move on. I also wanna take the opportunity to show my gratitude and thank all the loyal fans for their support, love and understanding."

This however, will not effect their shows and Therion will continue as planned, and Thomas Vikstr?m will from now on handle Snowy's parts too, at Rockharz Festival and the following tours in South/Central America, Mexico, Europe, Russia and so on.

Moreover, on the side of his vocal duties, as a graphic designer & artist Snowy was hired to be in charge of the visual aspects and help improve their stageact and performance for Gothic Kabbalah world tour 2007 and Therion's 20th anniversary tour.


[Note: no mention of this on the Therion website, however -ed.]

[Source: Metal Revelation]

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