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Other: A Message From Michelle Moog

Posted on Sunday, July 11 @ 17:50:22 UTC by nightowl

While the following was originally posted to the official NEARfest email group on Friday, I'm reposting it here:

Michelle Moog writes: "The Bob Moog Foundation could really use your help, and it's as easy as casting a vote online before July 12th (Monday)!

"Chase Community Giving is awarding $5 million to 200 non-profits who get the most number of online votes. We need about 1000 votes to access a $20,000 grant. This grant would make all the difference for the Bob Moog Foundation right now! If everyone on this list votes, we could access the grant. Your vote would make it possible for us to continue our work this summer and beyond.

"The voting takes place through Chase Community Giving's Facebook page, but you DO NOT have to be on Facebook to participate.

"To vote for the Bob Moog Foundation, please [click here]

Also, consider asking your friends to vote as well, either by Facebook or email. Pass this email along to anyone you think would be interested! EVERY VOTE COUNTS!"

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