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CD/DVD Releases: Guy Manning Posts Update On ''Charlestown''

Posted on Saturday, July 24 @ 18:00:00 UTC by nightowl

At his website, Guy Manning posted the following regarding the upcoming release Charlestown: "The new album has reached its mastering stage with the artwork now in full production!

"With a good headwind and weather, we are on course for our Autumn release schedule. (OK, that's enough of the sailing imagery I think).

"Charlestown is made up of six new recordings including the epic mulit-sectioned title track. The album features the new band line-up (except Conor, who arrived afterwards) and includes Dave Albone's last work with the band before his retirement.

"Once again, some extra guests have been drafted in to help add to that unique sound which is Manning music! (See our Biography section)

The front cover has been especially created by Rosie Manning (who also did the Bilston House artwork).

"'Definitely a more challenging listen this time around, lots of quirky time signatures, stark light and shade plus more band ensemble / orchestral playing ... I always liked albums that I maybe did not get into right away, but kept coming back to time after time to really appreciate ... A Passion Play and Topographic Oceans spring to mind ... my first reaction was a "what the *?/*@!" ... but now I love them dearly' (Guy Manning)."

"Material from the new album will be featured in the late 2010 UK dates."

Read more about the album at the Manning website.

[Source: Manning website]

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