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CD/DVD Releases: 5bridgeS' ''The Thomas Tracks'' Available Now

Posted on Tuesday, November 23 @ 03:00:00 UTC by nightowl

While 5bridgeS' The Thomas Tracks is not a new new album -- it was released by the band in February of 2009 -- it is classified as a prog rock release and so here, via the press released sent by Two Side Moon Productions, we share word of its existence.

Five old flames relight the fire of contemporary progressive rock.

The Haarlem-based progressive rock band 5bridgeS has been operating in the current line-up since the autumn of 2005. The name slightly refers to the impressive body of work created by Keith Emerson. But even more it serves as a metaphor for five men using five staves to build a bridge to the nineteen seventies, the decade in which craftsmanship was still permitted to be warm, original and somewhat frayed at the edges. 5bridgeS creates that sound, with Hammond organ grooves, a groovy rhythm section, a guitarist who knows that less is more and a vocalist/multi-intrumentalist with a voice infused with nostalgia and bel canto.

"Fun is paramount," says singer Piet Roelofsen. "It is fantastic to arrange the music collectively. It is even cooler to get on stage and rock the audience. And be honest: how can you expect the audience to enjoy itself if you are not absolutely into what you are doing? We love performing, and it shows!" Piet, guitarist Enzo Gallo and keyboard player Luke d?Araceno are firmly rooted in classical music. The rhythmic duo of Martin Thoolen ? a total symphomaniac ? and the rocker Rob van der Linden lay a solid foundation for the soloists. "Layered music with rough edges is what it's about," says Enzo. "Those who want to dance can get down and boogie, and those who like to listen are more than happy," clarifies Luke.

Party, 5bridgeS does more than just perform its repertoire. It has also conceived their debut album The Thomas tracks, based on Rob?s most recent novel ? De Handelingen Van Thomas ? to be published by the Querido Publishing House in December 2010). "That is not a new experiment," explains the author/drummer. "I wrote the libretto for an operetta on the basis of my second novel Het Logboek Van Brandaan: The Brendan Notes. It was recorded on CD and enclosed with the book. The fact that the composer used a great many studio musicians meant that it was impossible to play the piece live. With The Thomas Tracks we are in total control of everything.?

?The progress that we are making gives me a real kick,? says Martin, ?and the best thing about it is that playing generates more energy than it consumes. Every time we climb the stage, we really make a party of it with the audience. Fantastic!" The guys are ready. Since its release, spring 2009, The Thomas Tracks has found its way throughout the world, the live repertoire is never finished for it keeps on developing, and the studio beckons for a second episode.

Band Line Up:

Luke d?Araceno - organ, piano, electric piano, Minimoog, digital synths, samples. programming
Enzo Gallo - electric guitars, acoustic guitar, steel guitar
Rob van der Linden - drums, percussion
Piet Roelofsen - lead voice, voices, acoustic guitar
Martin Thoolen - bass guitars, Moog Taurus I pedals, voices


01. Didymus
02. Babylonian Curse Reversed
03. On Calpe?s Rock
04. The Curse Of Eternity
05. Martialis? Reveries
06. Tricks & Treason
07. Lovernius? Song
08. Batavian Revolt
09. Amazons & Haven
10. Sign On The Wall


[Source: TSM Productions]

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