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CD/DVD Releases: MoonJune March Releases

Posted on Thursday, March 31 @ 18:45:36 UTC by nightowl

MoonJune, who are celebrating 10 years this spring, released the following three titles on March 15:

Marbin - Breaking The Cycle: Hailing from Israel, Marbin's young duo of guitarist Dani Rabin and saxophonist Danny Markovitch (both based now in Chicago) exhibit the energy and passion of youth, combined with a technical prowess seemingly well in advance fo their tender age (incredibly, they are both in their early twenties). Powered by the veteran drummer Paul Wertico and the world-class bassist Steve Rodby (respectfully seven-time and eleven-time Grammy Award winner with the Pat Metheny Group), Marbin has clearly achieved the beautiful on this album. It's a great mix of fusion, progressive rock, jazz, folk and ambient music -- giving every indication of continuing their hard-charging ascent on the world music scene.

Boris Savoldelli - Biocosmopolitan: Boris Savoldelli's new release is a tour-de-force of vocal artistry. Biocosmopolitan would be remarkable were it performed by a large ensemble of signers and instrumentalists; the fact that these intricately layered songs were performed in real time by a single vocalist is difficult to believe. Using only a microphone and looping and DSP effects, Boris Savoldelli constructs exquisitely crafted, self-contained sound worlds -- replete with elaborate multipart harmonies, complex interlocking rhythms, and a panoply of globe-spanning musical influences, old and new. His deft use of multiple looping enables the singer to accompany himself with a rich tapestry of choral, 'instrumental,' and percussion sounds. Features brilliant contributions from rising trumpet star Paolo Fresu and fusion bass legend Jimmy Haslip.

Copernicus - Cipher And Decipher: The long-awaited new studio album from Copernicus takes right up where Nothing Exists last left us. Refusing to be distracted by everyday matters, he speaks of subatomic matter, quantum physics and its ramifications upon the human existence -- refusing to bear any glad tidings. As always, Copernicus documents the evolution of an old-world human confronting modern physics. Musical direction by Pierce Turner and Copernicus' powerful vocals are accompanied by a 13-piece band, featuring Celtic rock band Black 47 members Larry Kirwan, Thomas Hamlin and Fred Parcells. "All music is spontaneous, completely improvised, chaotic, ravingly psychedelic, and perfectly intuitively scored to the rants, cozenings, enlightments, and madnesses he's conveying."

[Source: MoonJune]

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