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CD/DVD Releases: Diatessaron's Debut ''Monument'' Out Now

Posted on Saturday, April 23 @ 14:00:00 UTC by nightowl

Two Side Moon Productions are delighted to announce the new release from Canadian based Progressive Rock band Diatessaron, Monument.

Diatessaron is a 5 piece Prog-Rock band from Calgary, Canada. The culmination of their 3 years together is Monument, an album consisting of one 35 minute long piece of music divided into 5 movements.

The album is an abstract commentary on the dropping of the atom bombs ending WWII. For more information on the lyrical content of the piece, email diatessaronband (at) gmail.com and request an annotated copy of the lyrics. The music itself contains a large dynamic range, from high distortion metal to mellow, clear acoustic sections. The band is known for making heavy use of mixed meters without sounding overly mathematical or forced. Monument is meant to be played as one continuous piece (press play at track one and everything will meld together). However, Tracks 1 and 3 are most able to stand apart from the whole if desired as they follow more traditional song structure within themselves.


Diatessaron - Monument

Diatessaron are a new melodic progressive band from Calgary in Canada. The band are fronted by Si Tj on vocals with Carl Janzen and Darren Young on guitars, Erik Smistad slams out the bass and Stephan Bots knobs the drums.

The band have been together for several years and even though this album is only five tracks it actually scurry's in at 35 minutes and it’s foundation’s are based on the atom bomb dropping in WWII. It would be easy to view the band alongside the likes of Spock's Beard and Rush, but while that is completely apparent Diatessaron have their own form of prog rock taking on many twists and turns throughout the 35 mins.

The tracks I enjoyed the most were "Senbazuru" which is totally breathtaking; I love the whole flow of this track and the commanding enthusiasm it releases, musically and lyrically. The track is reminiscent of Rush and Welsh prog band Man. It's a really good track, the playing and production is right on the money and in singer Si we have new prog star in the making, I also hear a lot of early Yes flowing through this track which runs in at over 12 minutes and takes on the Spock's Beard track "The Light" as being one of my favourite and longest tracks I can keep playing throughout without getting fed up, there is so much to enjoy from Eastern influences to even a slight political Pink Floyd tone, genius.

I also enjoyed the charismatic "Galactic Jellyfish" which again has a Spock's Beard crossed with America and ELO, very basic 70's prog rock texture. The mid section is just so beautifully performed. I must give a special mention to the bass playing on this track, again there's so many influences running through this track that the first thing most will shout is Rush, but that's really only in Si's vocals. I also loved "The Statue," one of the shorter tracks that has a funky little Dream Theater vibe crossed with Swedish A.C.T.

Overall, Monument is a great progressive release and a must have for prog fans and the band have already had airplay on such UK stations as ARFM Soundscapes, check them out at: http://diatessaron.bandcamp.com.

- Nick, TSM

The Band:

Carl Janzen – Guitar
Darren Young – Guitar
Erik Smistad – Bass Guitar
Si Tj – Vocals
Stephan Bots – Drums


1. The Statue
2. The Phoenix
3. Prism
4. Galactic Jellyfish
5. Senbazuru

[Source: TSM]

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