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CD/DVD Releases: Shear's ''In Solitude'' Debut EP Out Now

Posted on Saturday, April 23 @ 16:00:00 UTC by nightowl

TSM are delighted to announce the new release from Helsinki's Shear, their debut EP In Solitude.

Shear is a six piece, Helsinki-based, female fronted Finnish metal act. The members of Shear have played in many familiar metal bands such as Amoral, Omnium Gatherum, Imperanon, Elenium, and Crystal Blaze. The members also have experience in recording full-length albums and touring in their previous projects.

The current lineup of Shear was finalized in 2008. The members have, however, played together for many years. The guitarists Mikael Grönroos and Lauri Koskenniemi, and keyboardist Lari Sorvo have played together since 2001. Bass player Eerik Purdon joined the group in 2004, and the drummer Juhana Karlsson in 2007. Shear’s lineup was finalized in 2008 when vocalist Alexa Leroux joined the band.

Shear’s first official release is the four track EP entitled In Solitude. The EP was recorded and mixed at Arcada Studios in the fall of 2009 by guitarist Mikael Grönroos. In Solitude was mastered at the famous Chartmakers studios and released in March of 2010.

The In Solitude EP has received great response from the media. One of UK’s biggest rock magazines, Classic Rock Magazine chose the EP as their "Release of the Day" in April 2010. Finland’s biggest printed metal magazine Inferno chose In Solitude as the demo of the month in issue #77 (May 2010). Furthermore, Finland’s biggest metal website Imperiumi.net chose the EP as the demo of the Month (August 2010). The band has also been praised for being an energetic live band.

The band entered the studios in March 2011 to start recordings of their yet untitled debut album.

Review: Shear - In Solitude

Shear are a new female fronted melodic/power metal/symphonic rock band from Helsinki in Finland. The band are Mikael Gronroos - Guitar, Lari Sorvo - Keyboards, Lauri Koskenniemi - Guitars, Eerik Purdon - Bass and the beautiful Alexa Leroux on Vocals.

In Solitude is their new four track EP. It takes a few listens to get into and once the music sinks in you will find a band that sits adequately alongside the likes of Within Temptation, After Forever, Dream Theater and Xandria. They are power metal/melodic and symphonic rock all rolled into one, and my favourite track was the vigorous 'Scorched.' This track has the lot, tremendous crisp guitar work, coated with cool bass and drum kicks. The warm and dynamic vocals from Alexa are wonderful, and she shines on all four tracks, but with 'Scorched' the band broaden their musical charms and if anything this song alone should land them a deal and it makes me speculate why the band are not yet signed, which is criminal.

'Mistakes' is also very good, very technical with lots of knotty performances, again Alexa shines, she sounds like a 'heavier' Robin Beck, the band are so well practised and passionate with their technique, that each song feels very sincere. The title track is more melodic, this is fun and very catchy with appealing musicianship. 'Trapped In A Shell' offers a more vivid commercial symphonic production, and is very good, a little like Nightwish here coupled with Mattias IA Eklundh style guitar works.

I can hear just how these guys would sound with a label funded production budget to give them that fuller production quality. For now I implore you to check them out, I have a hunch that we will be hearing a lot more from this excellent Finnish band, brilliant.

- Nick, TSM

The Band:

Lead Vocals: Alexa Leroux
Guitar: Mikael Grönroos
Guitars: Lauri Koskenniemi
Bass: Eerik Purdon
Keyboards: Lari Sorvo
Drums: Juhana Karlsson


1- In Solitude
2- Scorched
3- Trapped in A Shell
4- Mistakes


[Source: TSM]

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