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Artist News: Le Orme - Celebration Day April 25

Posted on Saturday, April 23 @ 18:00:00 UTC by nightowl

From LeParc (translated into English): In the feast of Easter, the day of San Marco and the "feast of bocoeo," to coincide with the release of new album [by] Le Orme, La Via Della Seta [The Silk Road] and the conclusion of the theater tour, [LeParc] is organizing this cultural gourmet music event.

[Below] is the program of the day:

- Main meeting at 9:00 am at the station of Mestre
- Arrival in Venice and a meeting at 9.30 at the station in Venice S. Lucia
- Motorboat at 10.00
- Welcome drink and tasting salami Veneto
- Excursion in the lagoon with stops at Murano and Burano (for obvious reasons ... let's see who guesses?)
- Arrive in Piazza S. Marco to 13.30
- Breakfast / lunch buffet at the Teatro San Gallo at 14:30
- Le Orme concert at 16.00
- Evening walk to the train station Venezia Santa Lucia at 19:00
- Meet & Greetz

Fee € 55.00 per person, which includes:

- Train - Mestre - Venezia
- Self-propelled Boot [?] - Murano - Burano - Piazza San Marco and the Venice Lagoon
- Drink on board
- Buffet at the theater
- Admission to the concert

For those who would only attend the concert, the ticket is € 30.00

IMPORTANT: Reservations required for the complete program, recommended for those only going to the concert

Date: Monday, April 25
Location: Venice "Celebration Day" - Teatro San Gallo San Marco 1097
Address: Giudecca 212
Start: 16.00
Tickets: € 55.00 - € 30.00

Support Group: "Ivan Geronazzo"

Organization: Le Orme Infoline: e.vesco (at) sonnyboy.it

[Source: LeParc (translated by Google, w/tweaks)]

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