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CD/DVD Releases: New Titles Available From Musea

Posted on Wednesday, June 01 @ 22:00:00 UTC by nightowl

In the latest missive from Musea Records, they announce the following titles' availability (either theirs or distributed by), starting with Jakko Jakszyk, Robert Fripp & Mel Collins - A Scarcity Of Miracles (both as a CD and CD plus DVD-A), which is a significant addition to the extended King Crimson family. When Robert Fripp & Jakko Jakszyk got together in February 2009 neither expected that their initial sessions of guitar-only improvisations would result in a full-blown album, or that it would ultimately be deemed to be a King Crimson projeKct. As the material from those first sessions developed it was obviously becoming much wider in scope and scale. The arrival of sax player & former King Crimson member, Mel Collins, added further colour & texture to the emerging songs. The line-up was completed with the addition of bassist Tony Levin and Porcupine Tree’s drummer, Gavin Harrison (both members of the 2008 incarnation of King Crimson) adding their parts to the material in their respective studios.

What had begun as an exchange of ideas had now grown into an album of heartfelt songs, an album that is immediately accessible on first hearing but reveals fresh detail & depth with each subsequent play, as one might expect from musicians of this calibre.

Aquaserge - Ce Très Cher Serge: The extravaganza music of Aquaserge associates jazz, chamber Progressive rock, Soft Machine, King Crimson and Frank Zappa ... With good taste and a strong sense of humour.

Ce Très Cher Serge - Spécial Origines was recorded during the Spring of 2008, and eventually saw the light of day on the Gazul label three years after. This album evokes the trip of Captain Serge, lost in the ocean abysses. We are witnessing the building of the Aquaserge, then the meeting between Serge and the bubble-men. This incredible opus features a certain Makoto Kawabata, the mastermind of Acid Mothers Temple. Let yourself be immersed into this thrilling Mare Incognita!

The Healing Road - Backdrop: The Healing Road is the instrumental project led by German keyboardist HansPeter Hess (The Bearded's Project), whose name was inspired by the book by Neil Peart (Rush), Ghost Rider - Travels On The Healing Road. To help him, this musician has invited numerous guests; for example, on guitars, keyboards and drums. His music is a mix of catchy and dreamy sequences, with dynamic rhythms. Inspired by a national park in the Canary Islands, his second album Timanfaya (Musea, 2008) displays nine suggestive and melodious tracks, truly varied both in terms of atmospheres and rhythms, which are performed in an energetic style. His skilful and lively keyboards playing and composing style remind of Genesis and Emerson, Lake & Palmer, with some more aggressive and wild moments ala Dream Theater, and also a touch of electro. The booklet includes reproductions of paintings by Herbert Wanderer that underline the original mix of meditation and energy conveyed by this beautiful and refreshing music. The third album Tales From The Dam (2009) presents a new concept, selling the original CD with a bonus LP, which includes the complete new album in vinyl, an object that every nostalgic of the Seventies should appreciate.

Backdrop (Musea, 2011) again consists in two long pieces of music. To create something different from the previous albums, HansPeter Hess set some guidelines: less Piano sounds, less synthesizers, Moog or Hammond sounds... The album should have an acoustic, rural, pastoral atmosphere and contain as much acoustic instruments as he can get and play. Guitar player Thommy Frank features here, as well as Roland Enders, the latter performing the closing track, being a folk-song written and sung by him. To be discovered!

Marboss - *****ushima-Daiichi: Marboss is a major contributor to the French electro scene. He uses cutting-edge music technology in the creation of innovative compositions, via sound-design, DJing and VJing techniques, demonstrating that he is a veritable sound scientist. In his second album named Electrotherapies (Dreaming, 2008), the artist that created the official hymn for the arrival of the TGV (The world's fastest train!) in the Lorraine region of France, presents his new electronic concept. One can notice here the use of synthetic layers, simple and catchy melodies, rhythms enriched by electro-acoustic sounds, and minimalistic vocals sung or rendered by a vocoder. Marboss invites you to discover his various states of mind: dream, distress, journeying, religious, sadness, sexual... This album is a quirky mix of influences that should please the fans of Kraftwerk, Jean-Michel Jarre, Depeche Mode or Moby. The third Marboss album *****ushima-Daiichi (Dreaming, 2011), recorded live during a benefit concert for Japan given at the Arsenal in Metz (France), is a musical summary of the nuclear disaster that occurred in Japan, March 11th 2011. One is certainly lost for words to describe such events, whereas Marboss prefers to give a sonic narrative of the reactors deterioration, through electronic sound sculpturing, immersing the listener into an "electro-radioactive" mood. It's hard not to relate to the victims, after this listening experience, which is a reminder to us all to face up our responsibilities, before this slow contamination, goes way beyond control... This sonic page of human history has established "documentary music" as a brand new musical genre, which would be of interest to an emotive and curious audience.

[Source: Musea]

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