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CD/DVD Releases: Marillion Members Extracurricular Activities

Posted on Monday, January 16 @ 20:00:00 UTC by nightowl

Marillion's bassist, Pete Trewavas, recently formed a group with co-writer and founder Eric Pastore [aka Eric Blackwood? -ed.] called Edison's Children. In the latest Marillion newsletter, Pete writes: "The 'Edison's Children' CDs [In The Last Waking Moments...] are now in stock and all our preorders have been sent out.

"There is an exciting new 15 minute trailer or preview of the album now available on the front page of our website, www.edisonschildren.com, for anyone who wants to know more before they commit to anything as drastic as splashing out on some new music, and of course we're on iTunes, amazon, etc., as well, if you fancy browsing there.

"I'd also like to thank everyone who has supported us over the start of this campaign. I'm pleased it is being so well received."

And what's Steve Rothery up to? "On Saturday the 4th February I'll be guesting with my good friends Mr So & So at The Peel in Kingston. Rich Harding will be singing a couple of old Marillion songs with us as well. Should be a lot of fun. Hope some of you can make it down.

"On the evening of Sunday the 26th February my British Guitar Academy band (with special guests Tin Spirits) will be playing at the Hobble at the Waterside theatre all day music event in Aylesbury. This is probably the last BGA event for some time." More information can be found at: www.marillion.com/tour/index.htm#hobble

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