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CD/DVD Releases: Musea Records Releases For August

Posted on Friday, August 30 @ 17:00:00 UTC by nightowl

In the past month, Musea Records has released the following progressive rock titles:

Gran Torino - Fate Of A Thousand Worlds: Gran Torino is a young Italian band, originating from the Verona area. The foursome came to life just before the New Millenium, aiming at covering the classics from Led Zeppelin or Deep Purple. After a decade practising, Gran Torino felt it was time for composing its own music.

GranTorinoProg (2011) features complex instrumental music, still melodic though. It was followed by Fate Of A Thousand Worlds (Musea, 2013). This second effort proves to be really exciting, displaying over-the-top Progressive rock, with influences ranging from Jethro Tull (without flute) or Kansas (without violin), to Liquid Tension Experiment. Not to be missed!

Delta Red - En Vivo - Luz En El Sotano: Delta Red is a Progressive jazz-rock "power-trio" coming from the city of Querétaro, Mexico. The musicians' unconventional concept rises from collective improvisations where their influences converge: from classic Progressive rock to King Crimson's Red-era to Don Caballero or Mr Bungle-like math-rock. The first album Gama De Espectros (2009), a co-joined production between the Musea and Luna Negra labels, will please all fans of sophisticated Progressive rock music, jazz-rock lovers and real alternative music from the XXIst Century. The new live CD & DVD set, En Vivo - Luz En El Sotano, also includes interviews with the members of the band. If you're into Japan's Baraka or the Chilean revelation Tryo, you should try this as soon as possible!

And finally, La Tulipe Noire. After Aphrodite's Child, Vangeles and Socrates during the Seventies, Greece is once again waking up to Progressive rock. The leading band of this new generation, La Tulipe Noire is a classically composed quintet. This talented line-up performs a refined and quiet progressive rock that develops baroque and solemn melodies. Singer Ima's clear and pure vocals can remind of that of Virginia Astly. K. Savvides's guitar sounds like David Gilmour's, whereas Alix's keyboards weave quiet layers that marvellously complete precious and melancholic themes. As for the rhythm section, assured by drummer Nick Kassavetis and bassist Hyde, it is definitely solid. Leaving somehow aside the Marillion inherited influences, Faded Leaves (2002) could develop an original sound, while keeping the assets that made the success of their album In The Gates Of Dream (1996) and Shattered Image (1999). Quickly pick this rare flower, it will nicely decorate your secret garden devoted to Progressive rock...

Many artists in the Progressive rock sphere borrowed from Homer's The Odyssey, quite particularly in this beginning of the New Millennium. But who else could pay a better tribute to the most famous epic of Antiquity but a Greek outfit? La Tulipe Noire thus took the challenge on the basis of contemporary writer Konstantinos Kavafis' writings, particularly his poem entitled "Ihtaca." This results in Nostimon Hemar (2006), a concept-album lasting about 70 minutes and respecting the canons of typical Progressive rock as Marillion or Pendragon established them. Standing on this basis, the musicians put all their personality and originality in these eleven pieces, achieving a really successful result. To be discovered!

And now in 2013, the release Matricide, their 5th album.

Also from Musea are a pair of jazz releases -- Archimusic - Le Rêve De Nietzsche, Grazzia GIU - Pretend, and one rock release Machete - Vamos A Vencer.

[Source: Musea Records]

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