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CD/DVD Releases: Legacy ID debut album Genesis

Posted on Saturday, July 12 @ 17:26:28 UTC by nightowl

Anonymous writes "

The debut album Genesis by Legacy ID has arrived!

As the album title Genesis suggests, this is the beginning of band’s journey into uncharted territory and wider horizons.

The current band lineup is active since spring of 2014, when bass player Andrey joined the band, but the roots reach back to summer of 2004, when guitarist Artis and drummer Ivars began co-writing and performing. Front man Andis joined the team on the fall of 2012.

Each team member comes from different musical backgrounds, thus creating the unique fusion and progressive approach towards musical arrangements and composition. The band dares to step out of the traditional musical criteria, not being bound by a certain genre, now and then surprising even the loyal followers with new and unexpected nuances, twists and turns.

The debut album Genesis includes 10 tracks, offering the listener band’s older tracks in a new sound, as well as new, unheard compositions.

The album is musically various, thus acceptable and enjoyable by a listener of any musical preference. Lyrical themes include subjects like one’s inner battles and fighting outside forces, hope and search for the answers, dreams versus the harsh reality of life.

The album was produced in collaboration with Agris Siksna (Dzambulai Records), Kārlis Šteinmanis (KS Records) and visual artist Ilze Ābola.

Currently, the band is preparing for upcoming shows, other news coming soon. Follow the band’s activities on www.facebook.com/LegacyID

A digital copy of the album Genesis is available for preview and purchase on Legacy ID Bandcamp page at legacyid.bandcamp.com/

P.S: Trailer for the album and video of making of the first Legacy ID tattoo: www.youtube.com/watch?v=Oc6X1DcA2d8&list=PLejT3LVhR1StZkFBuIssbLSriJMmFk7YJ&feature=share

The video trailer and the video of making the tattoo created in collaboration with Viesturs Izotovs / Hellcams


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