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CD/DVD Releases: Dreamer - Debut CD From Anton Roolaart Set For Release On Umbrello Records

Posted on Sunday, April 15 @ 20:31:51 UTC by nightowl

Dreamer is the debut disc from progressive rocker Anton Roolaart. The CD is set for release on April 24th worldwide on Umbrello Records.

Anton Roolaart was born in the Netherlands, but moved with his family to the United States as a child. He discovered an interest in music at a young age and has been honing his art ever since. With his musical inspiration firmly rooted in such 1970's acts as Yes, Genesis, The Beatles and Pink Floyd, his music certainly appeals to devotees of that era's sound. Still, Roolaart's fresh approach brings a new flavor and immediacy to the venture, which will allow it to resonate with more modern music fans, too.

Dreamer was recorded in Roolaart's home studio. An accomplished sound engineer, he created a disc that rivals the quality of larger and more established companies. In addition, he wrote, arranged and produced the disc himself. Dreamer is not entirely a one-man show. Roolaart recruited Rave Tesar (Renaissance, Annie Haslam) on keyboards, Rich Berends (Mastermind) and Charles Descarfino on drums, as well as Vinnie Puryear on bass to help him complete the musical picture.

The end result is a disc composed of eight separate musical compositions. Each has its own flavor and style, but the entire disc reflects Roolaart's talent and influences. The sounds of Yes and Pink Floyd, as alluded to here, will certainly make this album appeal to fans of that genre, but Roolaart's fresh take is well-suited to recruit a whole group of newer music fans, as well.

The CD may be composed of Roolaart's "dreams," but everyone can take part in this journey.

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