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CD/DVD Releases: Thunderstone's "Through The Pain" Clip Released!

Posted on Thursday, September 08 @ 01:19:55 UTC by admin

On September 6, the Finnish power metal band Thunderstone released another video to promote their recent release (April 2016) Apocalypse Again (AFM-Records, their first in album in six years. You can watch "Through The Pain" below (directed by Owe Lingvall for Dreamday Media Production, filmed by Viestintäpalvelu Livekuva Oy & Bright Finland Oy).

Apocalypse Again is the group's sixth album, the first after the return of original vocalist Pasi Rantanen (Rick Altzi sang on the band's fifth album, Dirt Metal (2010)).


01. Veterans Of The Apocalypse 02. The Path 03. Fire And Ice 04. Through The Pain 05. Walk Away Free 06. Higher 07. Wounds 08. Days Of Our Lives 09. Barren Land

Previously, the band released "Veterans Of The Apocalypse and The Path, linked below:

[Source: AFM Records]

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