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CD/DVD Releases: Kaipa DaCapo - New Album Out This Month!

Posted on Thursday, September 08 @ 14:02:07 UTC by admin

Kaipa DaCapo, known in the early 70s as Kaipa but now distinguishing itself from the other Kaipa branch (led by Hans Lundin) with the addition of DaCapo, are playing live tomorrow, September 9, at the Teaterbiografen in Simrishamn, Sweden. Other Swedish dates are: Folkets Bar in Malmö on September 10 (with Samla Mammas Manna and Le Orme), at Musikens Hus in Goteborg on September 11 (with Samla Mammas Manna).

There will be a new album, Dårskapens Monotoni, released September (no specific date is given, but pre-orders will be shipped between September 25 and 29, so roughly around that time). The album was produced by Roine Stolt at Fenix Studio Varnhem in Sweden, engineered by Lasse Hallbäck, with artwork by Rick Jacobi, and released through Foxtrot Records.

Kaipa DaCapo includes original Kaipa members Roine Stolt (guitars, vocals, ukulele, grand piano), Ingemar Bergman (drums, percussion), and Tomas Eriksson (bass) with Michael Stolt (lead vocals, guitars, Moog), and Max Lorentz (Hammond B3, grand piano, vocals, miniMoog, Mellotron, Rhodes piano, pipe organ, flute, tuba, sitar and percussion). On the album, they are augmented by Merit Hemmingson (vocals on "Det Tysta Guldet"), Ludde Lorentz (saxophones on "Tonerna"), and Peter Lindberg (steel guitar on "Vi Lever Här" and "Monoliten").


Därskapens Monotoni (R. Stolt)
En Pojk (R. Stolt)
Vi Lever Här (I. Bergman-R. Stolt)
Det Tysta Guldet (R. Stolt)
Spår Av Vår Tid (M. Stolt)
Tonerna (M. Lorentz)
Monoliten (R. Stolt)

Aside from this new album, Kaipa DaCapo otherwise concentrates on playing music from the first 3 Kaipa albums (released by Decca) from the years 1975 - 1978. As the bio at their Reverbnation site states: "This band plays it true to the original albums, very vintage and very organic - like a time capsule back to 1976. [...] Kaipa DaCapo - is indeed the original 70's band (minus Hans); symphonic and folky."

Here is the second trailer released:

Based on the samples, sounds really good. Love the sweet guitar playing -ed.

[Source: Kaipa DaCapo, Flower Kings website]

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