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Artist News: Time Out Of Mind by Atlanta Band Speechless Impacting Radio Chart At #20

Posted on Tuesday, April 17 @ 04:49:45 UTC by nightowl

Thanks to supportive radio MDs and DJs around the country, Atlanta band Speechless has reached a major milestone by charting at New Music Weekly. The band's debut release Time Out Of Mind entered the NMW College chart at #20 this past week. The quartet featuring Paul Rusek, bass; Robbie Hamil, keyboards; Sean Tonar, guitars; and Derik Rinehart on drums performs a conglomeration of fusion/rock/jazz/prog and a little funk thrown into the mix. After a very successful CD release party at Club 29, this charting news is still another feather in the Speechless cap. The band is currently performing around the metro Atlanta area with their next concert at Smith's Olde Bar on Monday, May 21st beginning at 9PM.

The rave reviews continue to pour in from around the world:

'Time Out Of Mind is a strong debut which I actually can recommend to everyone who's interested in more "classic" prog with rough edges" .... www.babyblaue-seiten.de/index.php?albumId=7940&content=review

"... a bit of symphonic rock, a bit of Yes, a bit of Kansas, a bit of Dixie Dregs, a bit of Return to Forever .... and a lot of heart and no vocals." - www.seaoftranquility.org

SPEECHLESS -- It's all about the music. This band is a unique combination of artists focused on wrapping their audiences up in exciting sounds. Drawing on an extremely diverse array of musical influences and an "anything goes" approach to composing, Speechless brings a unique musical hybrid to the table, with a style stretching across the musical spectrum: funk, hard rock, fusion-jazz, classical, metal, world, reggae and more - all mixed with a healthy dose of excitement... It's all the focus and centerpiece of their live sets and CD.

Although the music is as diverse as a multicultural festival, there's something here for everyone. It's easily accessible. Their appeal has been proven across the musical board. One look at the comments their fans have shared shows that they appeal to many types of music fans. Young and old, all over the globe.

The musicians in Speechless bring considerable experience to the Atlanta music scene. They are a quartet of bass, drums, guitars and keyboards who have played all over the Southeast and, in some cases, even toured the United States as professional musicians. The members of Speechless have all been long-time participants in the Atlanta music scene - they know how to entertain an audience? From the Roxy to the 10 High, from The Masquerade to the Hard Rock Caf?, these musicians have 80+ years of combined musical experience to draw upon.

[Source: Serge Ent.]

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