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CD/DVD Releases: New Single & Video from Horisont - "About Time"

Posted on Saturday, January 21 @ 20:15:54 UTC by admin

When I saw this news item from Century Media, and a link to the video for Horisont's third single "About Time" (below, from their upcoming album of the same name, due out Feb 3), I expected to be overwhelmed by death vocals and skull-crushing drums and bass (which, in today's political climate might just match my internal rage...). Instead, well, no. Rather it's a mix of bluesy psychedelic rock, that one might grudgingly call progressive - but prog or not, likeable and appealing to the same areas of the musical brain that prog does, me thinks. It mellows out my current state of mind with some really sharp and to the point guitar soloing and a groovy musical refrain that is lingerng in my head even as I've unmuted the news again (just to torture myself, I suppose).

Personal stuff aside, you can preorder their album -- and if the rest of their material is as appealing as this track, I just might! -- at the links below. It comes in the following formats: Special Edition Digipack (EU only), Jewel Case CD (US only) Gatefold LP, and as a digital album.

Physical: CMDistro :: Amazon

Digital: iTunes :: Amazon MP3

Streaming: Spotify :: Apple Music

Just goes to show, you can't judge a band('s style) by its record label. The bio on this Swedish quintet (Axel, vocals; Charles, guitar; Magnus, bass; David, guitar; and Pontus, drums) is that they formed 2006 and "have spent the last decade establishing themselves withing the Scandinavian retro-rock revival scene, along with Witchcraft, Graveyard, etc. ..." (other bands I assumed were also of harsher sounding stuff... again, that whole assuming thing). "...creating a sound that takes the foundations of the movement while injecting hearty doses of boogie blues, infusing prog complexities and finishing it off with that good ole NWOBHM swagger!" They signed to Century Media just last year.

[Source: Century Media (quoted text, and details)]

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