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CD/DVD Releases: Kilminster's Scarlet Letter

Posted on Monday, April 23 @ 01:23:38 UTC by nightowl

Dave Gallant (gallantly?) forwarded this news item to Asian Armada subscribers, and we're forwarding it along to you: "Guitarist Dave Kilminster has released his rock album Scarlet! Ten tracks feature Dave's mind bending guitar licks and stunning vocals with a vast range of styles and influence. Fans of Asia have always been kind to Dave, who has worked alongside John Wetton in his solo work, and Asia. Dave, with John and Carl Palmer was a founding member of Qango.

"More recently, Dave helped form the Keith Emerson band with drummer Pete Riley and bass player Phil Williams, who also appear on Scarlet. Dave is currently on tour with Roger Waters' Dark Side of the Moon Tour. You can learn more at www.davekilminster.com . Early reviews from fans and critics alike have been great! You'll want to give it a listen."

The tracklisting for Scarlet is: "Silent Scream," "Big Blue," "Chance," "Angel," "Brightest Star," "Static," "Just Crazy," "Liar, Liar," "Rain... (On Another Planet)," and "Harkness."

[Sources: Asian Armada and Kilminster website]

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