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CD/DVD Releases: New Guy Manning Album For 2007

Posted on Wednesday, May 16 @ 04:10:53 UTC by nightowl

Anonymous writes "

Songs From The Bilston House

From Guy Manning:

"When I was at the Summers End festival last year, I stayed at a hotel in the company of White Willow (a great band from Norway).

"The hotel had 2 interesting features:

1. It was inhabited by a Macaw called Barney
2. It was just down the road from an abandonned old house.

"On the way to the gig, I stopped to take a photo of the Bilston House. A double fronted building with the windows all boarded up and the words "Do Not Enter Here! The Last Person Died" painted in red paint on both bay windows.

"I think I knew then, as I asked myself just what had gone on in there, that there was an album to be made.

"The new album has the following pieces now in production:

1. Songs From The Bilston House (The House)
2. Antares (Attic)
3. Icarus & Me (Music Room)
4. Understudy (Chapel)
5. Pillars Of Salt (Parlour)
6. Skimming Stones (Master Bedroom)
7. Lost In Play (Garden)
8. The Calm Absurd (Study)
9. Inner Moment (Hallway/Front door)

"Each song is set within a location in the house. There is no real mystery, no murder or menace, these are simply tales set within the boundary of one particular place over many years."

The album details:

The usual suspects have been rounded up to help out in its creation:

David Million - Electric guitars
Laura Fowles - Saxes & Vocals
Steve Dundon - Flutes
Ian Walter Fairbairn - Fiddle
Andy Tillison - Additional keyboards, Vocals* & Drums
Julie King - Vocals

*Andy's vocal debut on one of Guy's albums!

Guy Manning provides the Acoustic & Classical guitars, Mandolins, Bouzouki, Keyboards, Bass, Percussion & Vocals

All songs written & arranged by Guy Manning

Hopefully it will be released in the Autumn 2007

Produced by Andy Tillison / Guy Manning

Thank you
BURNSIDE management


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