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CD/DVD Releases: New Label Termo Records Releases In Lingua Mortua's Debut...

Posted on Monday, May 21 @ 08:12:55 UTC by nightowl

White Willow's Jacob Holm-Lupo writes: "Termo Records is a Norwegian label run by Lars Fredrik Fr?islie and Jacob Holm-Lupo. We strive to release innovative and talented artists' work, predominantly from the Scandinavian territories. We are not genre specific, hence our scheduled releases comprise anything from extreme metal to folk-pop.

"Our first release is In Lingua Mortua's long-awaited debut album Bellowing Sea - Racked by Tempest. This is an extreme metal project led by Wobbler/White Willow keyboardist Lars Fredrik Fr?islie. In Lingua Mortua mixes nordic black metal with progressive rock, soundtrack-ish ambiences, orchestral arrangements and the occasional jazz-influence. And, of course, lots of mellotron... It is a bombastic and darkly dramatic tour de force of symphonic extreme metal. Hear samples at www.myspace.com/inlinguamortua. Bellowing Sea - Racked By Tempest will be released internationally in July.

Another Termo release in the making is The Opium Cartel's debut album. This is Jacob Holm-Lupo's other project besides White Willow. The style is more folk-rock oriented, with elements of electronica and even power-pop. The project comprises collaborators from around the world: Tim Bowness (No-Man, Roger Eno, David Torn) and Rachel Haden (The Rentals. Weezer, Jimmy Eat World) contribute vocals, Mattias Olsson (?nglag?rd, Pineforest Crunch) adds drums and hopefully some esoteric keyboard instruments, while Willow-men Lars Fredrik F?islie and Ketil Einarsen take care of keyboards and flutes respectively. The album is under production and scheduled for release in 2008.

For more info on Termo, check out www.myspace.com/termorecords or www.termorecords.com.

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