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CD/DVD Releases: Katagory V's Hymns Of Dissension Due Out October

Posted on Friday, May 25 @ 18:02:22 UTC by nightowl

Katagory V has announced the release dates for their upcoming 4th album, Hymns Of Dissension, as well as the track listing and artist creating the album cover. The band has currently completed the recording of the album and is moving into the mixing phase.

"Here we are, at the half-way point with our 4th album! We've finished tracking everything finally, and are moving into mixing mode this week, but not without a few mishaps..." states bassist Dustin, "With performing some live shows during the recording process, we've had to balance recording with rehearsing, and sacrifice studio time which slowed thing down a bit, but fortunately, we are still on schedule. However, we also had a computer crash in the studio last weekend, which holds some of the vital information used in getting some of the mixing done, as well as click tracks and a few other needed programs. Thankfully, everything was recorded and already on tape, so it is only a minor financial & timely inconvenience. If that is all we have to worry about, then all is good!"

"The upside to all this, is that the product coming back so far is sounding excellent, and we feel it will be our strongest and most adventurous album to date. The rough mixes we have heard while recording some of the final parts, already has us very excited to get this album out there... We feel we have a lot to offer to metal fans with this new album, both musically and lyrically."

Katagory V has also enlisted the talents of infamous Swedish artist, Mattias Nor?n (Evergrey, Kamelot, Into Eternity) to create the cover art for the Hymns Of Dissension album.

"We're very happy to be working with Mattias on this project, and he has already sent us the proofs of the finished product for us to look at. It is far beyond our expectations and fits the mood of this album perfectly. Absolutely amazing! However, we are not ready to reveal it just yet... Everyone will have to wait a bit longer for that."

Katagory V's 4th album, Hymns Of Dissension has been scheduled for release via Lance King's (Avian, Ex-Pyramze/Balance of Power) label, Nightmare Records, in the U.S. and Canada on October 16th. Katagory V have also recently inked a two-album deal with Greek lable, Burning Star Records, for the release in Europe, South America and Asia, and it is expected to be issued in that part of the world on October 16th as well.

The nine songs set to appear on the album are:

Apologetic Heart
No Matter What
Kings Of The Valley
Forlorn Child
The Workforce
Do Feeling Remain
Can You Hear Them
Lies and Illusions
Listen To You, Listen To Me

There will also be two exclusive bonus tracks for each release: The U.S. version will include the songs "Enemy" (previously unreleased studio track) and a re-recorded version of "Sands Of Time," while the European release will have "Anthem Of The Underground" as well as a re-recording of the underground classic, "Evil Princess," which originally appeared on their debut album Present Day.

[Source: Katagory V e-newsletter]

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