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Artist News: Grand Lux Sign To Nightmare Records, Release Album June 6

Posted on Sunday, May 27 @ 22:23:15 UTC by nightowl

Ulterium Records [Sweden] and Nightmare Records [U.S.] have inked a deal for the North American release of the Carved In Stone album by the Norwegian heavy metal band Grand Lux. The album was released in Europe by Ulterium Records, January 26th 2007. Nightmare Records will distribute the album exclusively into North American with the help of their partners, the release date is set for June 6th.

Grand Lux drummer Arild "Ran-Dee" Ropstad comments on the U.S. release: "We're really happy about this deal coming together, especially since we've gotten such great response from overseas since Carved In Stone was released. There are plenty of 70s and 80s rockers over there, and we are pleased to bring them an album that we know they'll like!"

Carved In Stone - in addition to Nighmare's direct contacts, the album will be available in Canada through Fontana North, and in the U.S. through Nevarre, Century Media and The End and other companies Nightmare works directly with.

For more information about Grand Lux, including two full songs off the album, please visit www.myspace.com/grandlux.

Grand Lux are: Phil Goode on vocals, B.D. Hughes on guitar, Kirk Evil on guitar, Zack Rament on bass and Ran-Dee on drums. The album also includes keyboards and additional bass from Hugo Vimme and Endre Kirkesola.


01. 1000 Paper Cranes
02. Fallen Angel
03. Escaping The Clouds
04. Eye Of The Storm
05. Through Dirt
06. Like Hail From Blue Sky
07. Love Reflection
08. Never Fall
09. Eternity In Fire
10. Rainbow?s End

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