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Artist News: Xenovibes Donates To Bob Moog Foundation Through Sale Of Single

Posted on Saturday, December 22 @ 19:04:45 UTC by nightowl

Xenovibes, the duo of Shueh-Li Ong and John Anthony Martinez, are donating 10% of the earnings from the sale of their recording of "Good Vibrations" to the Robert Moog Foundation - visit their webstore here. "A string of 'Good Vibration' coincidences. Did you know that on the day the Minimoog was named top synth of all time by SonicState, it was Bob's birthday? That same night Michelle Moog-Koussa (daughter of Bob) caught the season finale of the TV show Lost. To her amazement she watched as a member of the Lost gang revealed the secret password. This person's dying words were, 'the programmer was a musician' and the password is 'Good Vibrations' ... Guess what? 'Good Vibrations' is also the epitaph on Bob's tombstone. This anecdote was revealed to me by Chris Stack of MoogMusic, which I have taken the liberty of paraphrasing for better impact!" writes Shueh-li.

"My family carefully considered what to put on Dad's granite bench grave-marker," comments Michelle Moog-Koussa, Executive Director of the Bob Moog Foundation. "Many suggestions were considered as we struggled to find just the right words. How do you encapsulate such a unique, accomplished lifetime that affected so many? Finally, my brother-in-law Paul suggested simply putting 'Good Vibrations'; how very apt in so many ways. My father's grave is marked by these words, in all of their various interpretations, as was his life.

"Many thanks to Xenovibes for their gesture of suppport of the Bob Moog Foundation through the donation of part of the proceeds from their original rendition of 'Good Vibrations'. My father always enjoyed hearing musicians express their creativity in new ways. In that vein, Xenovibes certainly makes this song their own, mixing elements of the original song with contemporary nuances. We encourage you to download this special version of the timeless classic and support Xenovibes and the Bob Moog Foundation. Enjoy!"

"The world needs more Good Vibrations and these (the Xenovibes single) are some of the best. Creative, artistic use of technology is a beautiful thing, especially when it is this well done," says Chris Stack of MoogMusic.com

"Most people do not know that it was NOT the Theremin that was featured in Mike Love and Brian Wilson's 'Good Vibrations'. But everyone is familiar with the signature line that has come to be associated with the instrument.

"John and I decided to release our version soon after performing it at the taping of the very 1st Next Great American Band in Las Vegas. I have also been meaning to do a version of this song with the Theremin for quite sometime.

"Now fans of the original song have our 'Good Vibrations' that features the Moog EPro which we hope will elicit a chuckle of approval from them and engage the interest of the younger crowd. Xenovibes decided to pledge their support immediately on hearing the story behind the song from Chris Stack. We'd like to thank Michelle Moog-Koussa for giving us an opportunity to support the Foundation, whose ideals we relate to. Please support the Moog Foundation by purchasing our version of 'Good Vibrations'!"

Australian born Singapore resident Shueh-Li Ong (show-designer / synthesist / thereminist / composer) is "Singapore's 1st and only diva of the Theremin" who has written for theatre and live concerts and performed worldwide. John Anthony Martinez has recorded or performed with Baylie Brown (American Idol), Ronnie Laws, and Bill Tillman (Blood, Sweat and Tears).

[Source: Xenovibes newsletter]

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