Hostsonaten And Other Zuffanti Projects News
Date: Saturday, May 10 @ 19:00:00 UTC
Topic: Band News (tours, comings/goings, etc)

"With great pride we announce that Winterthrough, the new Hostsonaten album, is selling very well. 3,000 copies are for now sold, a great succes on the progressive world. Thanks to all!

"Due to this success, AMS/VM2000 label will print a vinyl version of the album on beautiful gatefold cover and a very limited picture disc version. All with a bonus track ('Autumn's Decline'). You can pre-order the vinyl album on or send an email to webmaster (at)

"Other news on Springsong. The fourth chapter of the 'Seasoncycle Suite', out in 2002 on Sublime label, will be re-printed [by] AMS/VM2000 label and will be available in [the] next [few] months with new artwork, remix, bonus tracks, etc. ...

"Springsong will be on stage this summer as a performance of contemporary ballet on July 15 & 16 in the ancient castle of Forte Sperone in Genova. The directions will be by Genoese theatrical directors and choreographer Paola Grazzi.


"Rohmer is a project born from Boris Valle (piano) and Fabio Zuffanti (bass, electronic), founder member of Finisterre, the most important Italian progressive group of the last 15 years. Fabio and Boris have been joined by Agostino Macor (synthesizers, mellotron, electric piano, electronic) and Mau Di Tollo (drums, percussion, guitars).

"Rohmer's music began where Finisterre's In Limine (1996) ends and continues its work between tradition and experimentation, mixing prog, ambient, electronic, postrock, contemporary, minimalism and jazz.

"At this moment Rohmer is in the recording studio to work on their first album that will be available for AMS/VM2000 label (distribution BTF). The musicians guests on the album will be Claudio Castellini (voice), Andrea Celeste (voice), Marco Moro (flute), Michele Nastasi (trumpet), Edmondo Romano (sax), Osvaldo Loi (viola), Sergio Antonazzo (guitars).


"The group [was] in Marseiile (France) on May 3 to partecipate at the edition 2008 of prestigious Prog'Sud festival. The band are working on the arrangements of the songs for the new album that will be available in 2009.


"Aries project briefly will start the work for the second chapter of their musical history. This summer the band will done some concerts as an acoustic trio composed by Simona Angioloni (voice), Boris Valle (piano), Fabio Zuffanti (guitar).

"The concerts confirmed for now:

July 11 - Forte Sperone (Genoa)
July 12 - Forte Sperone (Genoa)
July 13 - Forte Sperone (Genoa)
October 18 - Prog-resiste Convention. Verviers (Belgium)


"The performance of 'Applesina,' the reading by Italian writer Tommaso Labranca on Fabio Zuffanti's music.

The dates confirmed for now:

May 24 - Libreria Trame (Bologna)
June 13 - Festival Della Poesia (Genoa)
June 22 - Letture Corsare Festival, Alba (Cuneo)


"Also the double CD Merlin rock opera, available by 2000 on Iridea Records, will be re-print by AMS/VM2000. The new version will have a new artwork, bonus cd with previously unrealeased tracks, remix, new musical parts, etc. ..."

[Source: Zuffanti Projects newsletter]

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